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Congratulations to Arizona's new State Scholastic Champions

The results of the 2007 Arizona State Scholastic Championship are shown below. Thanks to Kiki Huerta of SACA for his prompt reporting. Christopher De Sa qualifies to be Arizona's representative to the Denker tournament and Jennelle Wallace qualifies to be Arizona's representative to the Polgar tournament. Both need to confirm to whether or not they plan to participate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Enrique Huerta March 19, 2007 PRESS RELEASE (520) 440-3176

Crosstables from the Shonto (Navajo) and Concho Regional Qualifiers

Thanks to Marty Schneider for providing the results of the Concho and Shonto Regional Qualifiers for the 2007 Arizona State Scholastic Championship Concho Regional K-3 Section No. Name Team Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5 1 Bowles,Mark CON 5.0 W15 W5 W9 W3 W7 2 Sullivan,Adam CON 4.0 W18 L9 W13 W20 W10 3 Hastings,Wyatt CON 4.0 W19 W12 W6 L1 W9 4 Bhakta,Parum BRE 3.5 W26 D16 W17 L7 W15 5 Brown,Jaisen SEQ 3.5 W10 L1 W25 D6 W16 6 Azbell,Thomas CON 3.5 W23 W8 L3 D5 W14 7 Bryant,Emmanuel SHO 3.5 -H- W24 W16 W4 L1 8 Grapp,Nikki JEF 3.0 W14 L6 W11 L10 W18 9 Meixler,Zack BRE 3.0 W22 W2 L1 W17 L3

Results of the Tucson Scholastics, a qualifier for the 2007 Arizona Scholastic Championship

Thanks to Kiki Huerta for providing the crosstables from the Tucson Scholastics. Tucson Scholastics (RQ2) -- Junior High Qualifier Cross Table, Page 1 No. Name St Rate Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Score 1. Bass, Beverly Ann (2)......... AZ 1316 -H- W12 W8 W10 W2 4.5 2. De Sa, Jacquelyn M (3)........ AZ 1253 W11 W4 W7 W3 L1 4.0 3. Saxberg, Kyle F (9)........... AZ 925 W19 W20 W10 L2 W12 4.0 4. Vo, Alina (10)................ AZ 857 W23 L2 W16 W8 W7 4.0 5. Bass, Jennie M (11)........... AZ 824 W24 L6 W18 W11 W13


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