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2007 ACFI Election Information and Ballot

Hello all, All USCF members who live in Arizona are eligible to vote in the 2007 election. Candidate Statements are available on this site. A ballot is attached to this article. The instructions are part of the ballot. Please read them carefully. While you can only submit your ballot once, you can print or download as many as you want in order to give them to other voters who may be unaware of the election. Please make them available on your websites, at your clubs, at tournaments and anywhere else that USCF members are likely to be. Voters may not submit more than one ballot. Each voter's USCF ID, address, name, and other identification will be checked before a ballot is certified to be counted.

USCF Executive Board Election results

The USCF ballots have been counted and, subject to approval by the Delegates, the results were: 1. Susan Polgar 3004 votes - Elected to a 4 year term 2. Randy Bauer 2325 votes - Elected to a 4 year term 3. Paul Truong 2056 votes - Elected to a 4 year term 4. Jim Berry 2026 votes - Elected to complete the final 2 years of Robert Tanner's term ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Steve Jones 1774 votes 6. Mikhail Korenman 1648 votes 7. Don Schultz 1580 votes 8. Joe Lux 1231 votes 9. Sam Sloan 677 votes 10. Mike G


Donald Godfrey's Candidate Statement for Membership Officer: Dear Chess Enthusiast. My name is Donald Godfrey and I am a candidate for the position of Membership Officer. I moved to Arizona in calendar year 2006 and am employed as a Program Manager for Honeywell Aerospace. I began playing chess as a young student in Indianapolis . I currently have two boys that play the game daily and love competing against other players. As the Membership Officer I would like to join with the Board and work to encourage families to play chess together. It would be fun to have at State Competitions time where children could compete against parents. This activity would encourage adults to not only join the USCF but be more involved and encouraging to the chess development of their children.

Candidates for the 2007 ACFI Board Election

The ACFI Nominations Committee has received and reviewed sufficient nominations to offer one candidate for each position. Congratulations to the candidates, who are listed below. President - Dean Cullen Vice President - Ramie Jimenez Secretary - Myron Lieberman Treasurer - Jennifer Shacter Membership Officer - Donald Godfrey Region I Representative (vote for 2) - Lynn Schucker, Philip Harmonick Region II Representative (Vote for 2) - Robby Adamson, Kiki Huerta Region III Representative (Vote for 2) - Trey Manning, Spencer Lower Please note: This is not a slate. All for whom nominations have been

ACFI Board announces informal evaluation of USCF Executive Board candidates.

The USCF will hold an election this summer to choose four Executive Board members. This is an important election and USCF members are encouraged to look at the candidates' statements in the April, May, and June issues of "Chess Life" and find out what they can about all of the candidates before voting. While not endorsing any candidates, the ACFI Board took an informal poll regarding their evaluation of the candidates. Nine Board members provided evaluations, which were combined as follows: Each Board member who participated assigned a value of 2 points to candidates that they favor, one point to candidates they consider a reasonable choice, 0 points to candidates that they aren't sure about, have no opinion, or abstain on , and -1 to candidates they oppose.

Congratulations to Arizona's new State Scholastic Champions

The results of the 2007 Arizona State Scholastic Championship are shown below. Thanks to Kiki Huerta of SACA for his prompt reporting. Christopher De Sa qualifies to be Arizona's representative to the Denker tournament and Jennelle Wallace qualifies to be Arizona's representative to the Polgar tournament. Both need to confirm to whether or not they plan to participate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Enrique Huerta March 19, 2007 PRESS RELEASE (520) 440-3176

Minutes of the September, 2006, ACFI Annual Board Meeting

MINUTES of the 2006 ACFI ANNUAL MEETING The meeting was called to order at 10:03 AM. Present were Steven Kamp, Albert Lemke, Myron Lieberman (assisted by Rachel Lieberman), Spencer Lower, Jennifer Shacter, and Will Wharton. Robert Tanner arrived shortly thereafter. Robby Adamson and Kiki Huerta were contacted by phone briefly during the meeting. Mark Ginsburg was in an adjoining room playing in a FIDE tournament. He did not get a chance to attend. Also present were Dean Cullen and Luke Karrys. The Treasurer's Report was previously e-mailed by Treasurer Jennifer Shacter. Jennifer reviewed the fact that the checkbook balance is currently $5,013.50. The bank shows the balance as $5,024.50 due to a bank over credit. There was also an anonymous $750 donation for the promotion of Arizona chess. Special thanks to the donor. It will be verified that the donor knows that ACFI is currently not a 501c3 organization before accepting the donation.

Minutes of the September, 2005, ACFI Board Meeting

ACTIONS TAKEN AT THE 09/18/2005 MEETING OF THE ACFI The meeting took place at Robby Adamson's Law Offices in Tucson. Thanks to Robby for hosting the meeting. At the request of President Michael Reading, former President Will Wharton chaired the meeting, which was called to order at 12:15PM. Board members Robby Adamson, Mark Ginsburg, Albert Lemke, Myron Lieberman, Spencer Lower, Michael Reading, Lynn Schucker, and Will Wharton were present. Also in attendance for part or all of the meeting were Judge George Anagnost, Scott Freneaux, Kanokporn Siriwan Freneaux, Leo Lacrimosa, Rachel Lieberman, and Gavin Wharton.

Minutes of the May, 2004, ACFI Board Meeting

PROCEEDINGS OF THE MAY 2004 ACFI BOARD MEETING The meeting took place at 915 E. 7th St. in Mesa. Thanks to Steven Kamp and his staff for hosting the meeting. The election status, a summary of motions passed between meetings by e-mail poll, and the Treasurer’s report as of 4/28/04 are appended. President Will Wharton called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM on Sunday, May 23, 2004. Present were Robby Adamson, Steven Kamp, Myron Lieberman, Gary Moore, Michael Reading, Marty Schneider, Gavin Wharton, and Will Wharton. Spencer Lower, who was competing in the state championship, arrived at a later time. Rachel Lieberman was present as Assistant Secretary and Cindy Hawkinson, a candidate in the upcoming election, was present as a guest.

Minutes of the June, 2003, ACFI Board Meeting

PROCEEDINGS OF THE JUNE 2003 ACFI MEETING The AZ Chess Federation, Inc., held its annual meeting on Sunday, June 8, 2003. Special thanks go to Steven and Trina Kamp for their outstanding hospitality. Prior to the start of the meeting, the ACFI calendar and clearinghouse were discussed. President Will Wharton called the meeting to order at 10:37am. The following Board members attended: President Will Wharton, Vice President Michael Reading, Secretary Myron Lieberman, Treasurer Jennifer Shacter, Shirley Cox, Steven Kamp, Lee Lafrese, Spencer Lower, Gary Moore, and Gavin Wharton. Guests in attendance included the following: Claudia Inman, Trina Kamp, Carol Moore Tony and Angie Sherwood, Dave and Zhu Small, Phil Terrill, and Rachel Lieberman, acting as an Assistant to the Secretary.


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