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Steve Stubenrauch Memorial Chess Tournament for National Chess Day Weekend.

Steve Stubenrauch was active in chess on many levels, from teaching kids and adults to holding and sponsoring tournaments. He has been a Chess Master for many years. He was a major influence in chess for many years especially in Northern Arizona. The exact details will be put out tomorrow (7-22-2011) as that is when the TLA will be submitted to be published in September, but you will get the information first from this website. General information:Dates- Oct 8th and 9th, Open Section 5 rounds 20/1 g/1, Saturday 9-2-7 Sunday 9-2, we are hoping to get a GM to play (more as soon as we know) Scholastics: one tournament on Saturday and one on Sunday (scholastic tournaments will have no entry fee (as in free) unless you enter the day of the tournament)scholastic's will be rated,(and the open will be rated, of course) but on Saturday in addition to the other scholastic sections a non-rated beginners only section will be held for new kids interested in chess.

New ACFI Board elected

Congratulations to the new ACFI Board, which was elected today. The members are: President - Ramie Jimenez Vice President - Will Wharton Secetary - Kiki Huerta Treasurer - Jennifer Shacter Membership Officer - Marty Schneider Region 1 Reps - Lynn Schucker, Jon Martis Region 2 Reps - Robby Adamson, Amanda Mateer Region 3 Reps - Spencer Lower, Jeff Robinson We wish them all success as they start their new 3-year term. MAL

AZ Scholastic Chess Championships

The Arizona Scholastic Chess Championships will be held on April 8-10, 2011 at Blue Ridge Middle School in Lakeside, AZ. The only scheduled activity on Friday is the Blitz tournament. IM Danny Rensch will conduct a simultaneous exhibition on Saturday at 7 PM. The Championship tournament itself starts Saturday (April 09) morning at 9 AM. The flyer, which includes an entry form, is attached. For more information please contact Jon Martis (480) 560-8471 or go to the site at For information on dining and lodging please go to

Blue Ridge Qualifier

Hello all, The flyer for the Blue Ridge qualifier on March 12 in Lakeside, AZ is attached. Unfortunately the size of the flyer for the February 12 Blue Ridge qualifier exceeded the file size limitation for uploading it. For more information on either the February or March qualifiers please contact either Jon Martis (480) 560-8471 or David Butterfield (928) 205-7264 Thank you for your interest. MAL

Flagstaff Regional Qualifier

Attached is the flyer and entry form for the February 26 Regional Qualifier for the AZ State Scholastic championship. The qualifier will be held at Sinagua Middle School in Flagstaff. For information not in the flyer or directions to the event please contact Bill Cheney at 928-226-2122 (or by email at

ACFI Election Instructions and Ballot

The ACFI is holding its election at this time and we need your help. We need to get the instructions and ballot to as many people as we can in a short time. Please download the instructions and ballot, print them, and vote. Also, please make as many copies as you want for distribution at clubs or chess events within Arizona. The conditions and requirements for voting are included in the instructions. As the validity of a ballot that is received depends on the addressing of the ballot rather than the ballot itself there is no problem with downloading more than one ballot, but pay particular attention to the certification procedures that are in the instructions.

2011State Grades - Mark your calendars

Please mark your calendars for the 2011 Arizona Grades Championship, to be held in Flagstaff on January 08, 2011 and the Blitz tournament preceding it on January 07. The flyer is attached here as well as with the brief announcement.

Arizona Grades Championship to be held January 08, 2011 in Flagstaff

The Arizona Grades Championship will be held on Saturday, January 08, 2011, at the Sinagua Middle School in Flagstaff. A Blitz tournament will be held at Little America in Flagstaff on the previous evening (Friday, January 07). A downloadable flyer and registration form, in .pdf format, is attached.

Congratulations to Will Wharton and Spencer Lower for winning AZ Senior Championship

Like the late Larry Evans, both Will Wharton and Spencer Lower first rose to prominence in Arizona chess while juniors. They have now tied for first in the Arizona Senior Championship held Nov. 13 and 14, 2010, in Tucson. They scored 4.5 out of 5 in the 5 round Swiss event, drawing only with each other while going undefeated. Will Wharton had the highest tiebreaks, which would be used only for purposes where only one person must be chosen. They are equal co-champions. Congratulations to both! MAL

Congratulations to IMs Mark Ginsburg and Levon Altounian, and to NM David Adelberg for being AZ Co-champions

Former Arizona State Champions IMs Mark Ginsburg and Levon Altounian were joined by NM David Adelberg in a tie for first in the Arizona State Championship. They scored 3.5 out of 5 in the single Round Robin Arizona State Championship held in Tucson Nov. 13 and 14, 2010. They are co-Champions and are listed in Tiebreak order. Tiebreaks are only used to determine invitations, representation, or other situations where only a single player must be named. They are equal co-champions for state records and all three have earned our congratulations. David Adelberg's only loss was to Mark Ginsburg and his only draw was to Levon Altounian, who had no losses and three draws. He continues to be a rapidly rising star in Arizona chess.


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