The Arizona Chess Federation, Inc. 

The Sedona Open and Scholastic Chess Tournament and the Col. Paul Webb Arizona State Chess Championship

The Sedona Open and Scholastic Chess Tournament is a five round swiss system chess tournament which will be held Saturday Dec. 16th, 2006 at the Verde Valley School in Sedona. It will run concurrently with The Col. Paul Webb Arizona State Chess Championship, an invitational round robin for the Arizona state championship. Come spend the weekend in Sedona. Play Chess, watch the state championship, and enjoy the beauty of the red rock country of Northern Arizona. This is a great tournament for scholastic players as a warm-up to the grade championship in January and a great way to support the state championship and chess in Arizona! Profits from this tournament will be used to support the state championship tournament. Come and see six of the best players in the state battle it out to see who will be declared the state champion.

Arizona State Scholastic Tournament Regulations

ACFI Approved Scholastic Events

 The following rules are considered standard for all ACFI approved scholastic events. The ACFI board must approve any deviation from these rules.

1) Unless otherwise covered in ACFI rules, USCF rules and scholastic guidelines apply.

2) No event awarding State Scholastic titles shall award cash or cash equivalent prizes to players below grade 12; acceptable prizes include, but are not limited to, trophies, plaques, ribbons, certificates, and medals.

3) Trophies shall not be sold at any Arizona scholastic state championship events. No award shall be sold at a State Scholastic Championship event, if the same prize is also awarded by the event.

The ACFI Executive Committee

Please note that 2007 will be an election year for ACFI. Voting will take place for all positions in late 2007. ACFI encourages as many candidates as are interested to become candidates for the election. Procedures, deadlines, and other details will be posted here. --------------------------------------------------------------- Currently the ACFI Board (Executive Committee) consists of President - Will Wharton Vice President - Robert Tanner Secretary - Myron Lieberman Treasurer Jennifer Shacter Membership Officer - Albert Lemke Immediate Past President - Robby Adamson ----------


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