The Arizona Chess Federation, Inc. 

Minutes of the September, 2002, ACFI Board Meeting

PROCEEDINGS OF THE 09/15/02 ACFI BOARD MEETING The 09/15/02 ACFI Board meeting was held on Sunday, September 15, 2002, in two locations. Steven Kamp hosted the central group, which included Marty Schneider and Gary Moore from the north. The southern group was hosted by Lee LaFrese in Tucson and was connected to the central meeting location via telephone. The Board expressed appreciation to both hosts. Board members in attendance in person or by telephone included President Will Wharton, Vice President Michael Reading, Secretary Myron Lieberman, Treasurer Jennifer Shacter (arrived late, missed some votes), Immediate Past President Robby Adamson, and Regional Representatives Shirley Cox (arrived late, missed some votes), Steven Kamp, Lee LaFrese, Gary Moore, Marty Schneider (arrived late, but in time for all votes), and Gavin Wharton. Spencer Lower was not present. Rachel Lieberman was present as assistant to the Secretary.

Minutes of the April, 2002, ACFI Board Meeting

PROCEEDINGS OF THE 04/06/02 ACFI MEETING The ACFI Board met on April 6, 2002 at the Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona. The meeting was held in conjunction with the Arizona Pre High Scholastic State Chess Championship. Special thanks go to Marty Schneider for organizing the tournament and to the Gilbert team for use of their team room. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM. The following Board members attended: President Will Wharton, Vice President Michael Reading, Secretary Myron Lieberman, Membership Officer Marty Schneider, Immediate Past President Robby Adamson, and Members At Large Steven Kamp, Gavin Wharton, Spencer Lower, and Gary Moore. Member At Large Shirley Cox was not present at roll call but arrived later. Treasurer Jennifer Shacter was not present but submitted a Treasurer’s Report. Member At Large Lee Lafrese was not present. It was noted that there was a quorum present. Both Lee Lafrese and Jennifer Shacter reported in advance that they would be unable to attend.

Minutes of the January, 2002, ACFI Board Meeting

MINUTES OF THE JANUARY 5, 2002, MEETING OF THE ACFI BOARD The meeting was called to order by President Will Wharton at 7 PM on January 5 at the Inn Suites in Tucson. All Board members were present except Gary Moore, who had indicated previously that he would not be able to attend. Spectators included Julie Bader, Scott Bader, Greg Cromer, Cindy Hawkinson, Kenneth Larsen, Rachel Lieberman, Eric Marmont, Sabrina Marmont, Mark Moore, Laurie Reading, Ricahrd Scott, Gary Stephenson, Shannon Stephenson, Stan Strom, Robert Tanner, John Wright, Jay Thompson, and Jonathan Yount. A question arose regarding the status of a regional qualifier that was originally listed on the pre-high announcement and was later removed. Due to the high level of interest in this issue President Wharton made it the first item on the agenda.

Minutes of the November, 2001, ACFI Board Meeting

MINUTES OF THE NOVEMBER 30, 2001, MEETING OF THE ACFI BOARD. The meeting was called to order by President Will Wharton at 7:03 PM at the home of Region I Representative Steven Kamp. Special thanks to Steven and Trina Kamp for their hospitality in hosting the meeting. Present were Will Wharton, Michael Reading, Myron Lieberman, Steven Kamp, and Gavin Wharton (Region I); and Gary Moore, Spencer Lower, and Marty Schneider (Region III). Absent were the four Board Members from Region II (Jennifer Shacter, Robby Adamson, Lee LaFrese, and Shirley Cox). As 2/3 of the Board was present a quorum was confirmed. Please note: If a meeting is held with less than 30 days notice 2/3 is required for a quorum. Only a simple majority is required if 30 days notice or more is given. With a 12 member Board the difference is a single member (7 required for a simple majority, 8 for a 2/3 count). Rachel Lieberman attended and helped record the meeting.

Minutes of the August, 2001, ACFI Annual Meeting

Minutes of the 08/26/01 Annual Meeting By Rachel Lieberman, ACFI Secretary The annual meeting of the Board of Governors of the Arizona Chess Federation, Inc., was held on Sunday, August 26, 2001, at 12:00 noon in Tucson, Arizona. Special thanks go to President Robby Adamson for hosting the meeting at his law office. President Adamson called the meeting to order at 12:07 PM. Secretary Rachel Lieberman called the roll. The following Governors attended the meeting: Robby Adamson, Shirley Cox, David Fletcher, Myron Lieberman, Rachel Lieberman, Spencer Lower, Marty Schneider, Jennifer Shacter, and Jim Wilson. It was determined that, although a quorum was not present, the entire Executive Board was present. Therefore, the Executive Board could meet afterwards to act on the recommendations of the BOG. Immediate Past President Myron Lieberman proposed the following:

Proceedings of the August, 2000, ACFI Annual Meeting

PROCEEDINGS OF THE 08/00 ACFI BOARD OF GOVERNORS ANNUAL MEETING By Rachel Lieberman, ACFI Secretary The Board of Governors for the AZ Chess Federation, Inc held its annual meeting on Sunday, August 27, 2000, at Mesquite Junior High School in Gilbert. We are grateful to the guests who attended the meeting and the Gilbert Parents Chess Association for their interest and hospitality. The guests who attended the meeting included, but were not limited to the following: Denis Barry, Doris Barry, John Fitch, Pat Fitch, Cindy Hawkins, Vladimir Schvidky, Gary Stephenson, James Todd, Gavin Wharton, and Will Wharton.

Minutes of the June, 2000, ACFI Net Meeting

MINUTES OF THE 06/20/00 NET MEETING OF THE ACFI SCHOLASTIC STATE CHAMPIONSHIP COMMITTEE The net meeting of the ACFI Scholastic State Championship Committee (SSCC) was called to order by Chairman Jim Wilson at 7:15 PM on Tuesday, June 20, 2000. Participating were Robby Adamson, Jim Wilson, Ken Larsen, Jennifer Shacter, Myron Lieberman, Rachel Lieberman, Marty Schneider, and Spencer Lower. The first topic to be discussed was the issue of regional qualifiers for state scholastic championship events. Robby Adamson proposed a motion to disallow any state scholastic championship event to be held within two months of any other. Discussion indicated that 2 months was too long and that some events may not really be conflicts. Before the motion came to a vote, Marty Schneider proposed a motion that defined who sets the standards for regional qualifiers for state championship events. Discussion continued. Robby Adamson's motion, after friendly amendments accepted during discussion, was worded as follows and passed.

Players qualified from the GPCA sponsored Regional Qualifiers

Thanks to Jon Martis for providing the list of qualifiers from the GPCA sponsored qualifiers for the 2007 Arizona State Scholastic Championships. Please note: Players whose name is followed by an asterisk (*) had previously qualified. K-1 Winter Knights 2007-01-20 1 | CARTER CLEMMENSEN |4.0 |W 10|W 4|W 6|W 3|L 2| 2 | LUCAS ALFREDO JOHNSTON |4.0 |W 9|W 5|L 3|W 8|W 1| 3 | ZAC A SMITH |4.0 |W 12|W 7|W 2|L 1|W 4| 4 | SAAKETH R NARAYAN |3.0 |W 8|L 1|W 7|W 5|L 3| 5 | STUART A RUCKER |3.0 |W 11|L 2|W 14|L 4|W 9|

Crosstables from the Shonto (Navajo) and Concho Regional Qualifiers

Thanks to Marty Schneider for providing the results of the Concho and Shonto Regional Qualifiers for the 2007 Arizona State Scholastic Championship Concho Regional K-3 Section No. Name Team Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5 1 Bowles,Mark CON 5.0 W15 W5 W9 W3 W7 2 Sullivan,Adam CON 4.0 W18 L9 W13 W20 W10 3 Hastings,Wyatt CON 4.0 W19 W12 W6 L1 W9 4 Bhakta,Parum BRE 3.5 W26 D16 W17 L7 W15 5 Brown,Jaisen SEQ 3.5 W10 L1 W25 D6 W16 6 Azbell,Thomas CON 3.5 W23 W8 L3 D5 W14 7 Bryant,Emmanuel SHO 3.5 -H- W24 W16 W4 L1 8 Grapp,Nikki JEF 3.0 W14 L6 W11 L10 W18 9 Meixler,Zack BRE 3.0 W22 W2 L1 W17 L3

Results of the Tucson Scholastics, a qualifier for the 2007 Arizona Scholastic Championship

Thanks to Kiki Huerta for providing the crosstables from the Tucson Scholastics. Tucson Scholastics (RQ2) -- Junior High Qualifier Cross Table, Page 1 No. Name St Rate Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Score 1. Bass, Beverly Ann (2)......... AZ 1316 -H- W12 W8 W10 W2 4.5 2. De Sa, Jacquelyn M (3)........ AZ 1253 W11 W4 W7 W3 L1 4.0 3. Saxberg, Kyle F (9)........... AZ 925 W19 W20 W10 L2 W12 4.0 4. Vo, Alina (10)................ AZ 857 W23 L2 W16 W8 W7 4.0 5. Bass, Jennie M (11)........... AZ 824 W24 L6 W18 W11 W13


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