The Arizona Chess Federation, Inc. 

Requirements for Arizona Title Chess Events (edited April 29, 2015)

Site Requirements:

The playing hall must allow for a minimum of 20 sq. ft. of usable space per player. This should include aisles for spectators with a maximum of 20 boards between aisles. These aisles should run the length or the playing hall (spectators viewing the games from these aisles would see the games from the side, not from behind the players). The playing hall must include adequate table space for the games, including room for clocks and scorekeeping-- a minimum of 2.5 linear feet per player. Plans must include a playing hall to accommodate the maximum number of expected players. (Arizona Scholastic State Chess Championships-- 750; Arizona Grade Championships-- 450)

The site should have a large skittles area at least one-third the size of the playing hall. The skittles area should be in the immediate vicinity of the playing site, indoors, and easily accessible from the playing room. It is recommended that the skittles area(s) total at least 1/2 the size of the tournament hall. For large scholastic events, all areas where players and parents can congregate as well as total team room space will be taken into consideration when evaluating a site by the ACFI board. This includes: Lobby areas, outside areas, snack bars, actual skittles rooms and team rooms.

Toilet facilities must be adequate. Scholastic events for large numbers of youngsters should have toilet facilities that are inspected, cleaned and maintained hourly. Restrooms for players only should be easily accessible to the playing room.

The site must be handicapped accessible.

Each State title event shall have a budget projection before the event and a corresponding financial report after the event.

A budget will show expected costs and revenues and disclose who will receive any profits made or will absorb any losses. The entry fee shall be kept as economical as practical and set in accordance with the approved budget. .

Each State Championship event shall contribute $1.50 per player to ACFI unless the ACFI board has approved other arrangements.

Awards: See ACFI scholastic guidelines.


State title events must have a plan for adequate staffing. The staff includes the following:

Chief TD: The Chief TD for all Arizona scholastics should be certified at the √íSenior Tournament Director√ď level or above. Additionally, the chief TD must have strong experience in administering large scholastic events, especially those using computer pairing programs. The Chief TD must be acceptable to ACFI.

Floor TDs: A minimum of two experienced floor TDs should be present in large tournament rooms and one floor TD in small tournament rooms at all times. Additionally, the following ratios of players to floor TDs should not be exceeded: grades 9-12 : 100/1; grades 7-8 : 75/1; grades 2-6 : 50/1; grades 1 and below 30/1.

Computer Staff should have strong computer pairing program experience. Knowledge of computers and computer pairings is essential, as these TDs are expected to generate pairings, standings, team results, etc., round by round, as well as handling inevitable problems.

Organizers interested in running Arizona title chess events should contact ACFI by notifying any Board member or sending an e-mail to

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