The Arizona Chess Federation, Inc. 

Volunteers sought for the position of USCF Delegate

Would you like to be on USCF's Board of Directors? Once upon a time each state's USCF State Chapter named those who would represent their state on the USCF Board of Directors (Board of Delegates). Then the procedure changed and all Delegates were elected directly by USCF members in each state. This year the system has changed again and ACFI will be submitting a list to USCF of those who will represent Arizona at the 2011 and 2012 annual meetings. The Delegates meet at the annual meetings in conjunction with the US Open each year. There is no compensation. It is purely a volunteer position, but if you are going to the US Open and/or attending the workshops that take place at the same time you might want to consider becoming a Delegate. If you would like to be considered to represent Arizona as a Delegate, please send an e-mail to Myron Lieberman ( which indicates that you would serve if named.

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