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Proceedings Of and Follow-up to the April, 2008, ACFI Meeting

Proceedings Of and Follow-up to the April, 2008, ACFI Meeting Thanks to everyone involved in organizing the 2008 Arizona Scholastic Championships. A short ACFI physical meeting was held at the site of the 2008 Arizona Scholastic Championships at Mount Elden Middle School in Flagstaff on Saturday, April 26, 2008, at 5:30 PM. Board members who participated in the meeting were Robby Adamson, Kiki Huerta, Myron Lieberman, Spencer Lower, Kent Maneth, Marty Schneider, Lynn Schucker, and Will Wharton. Eight Board members were present for at least part of the meeting and a quorum of six or more was present throughout the meeting. Board members Michael Fitch, Ramie Jimenez, and Jennifer Shacter were not present. Among others who were also present for at least part of the meeting were Jon Coulter, Rachel Lieberman, Debbie Maneth, Karen Pennock and Gavin Wharton. Thanks to GPCA for providing meeting space in their team room. Recommended follow-ups are listed at the end of this document. While a quorum of at least six Board members was present throughout the meeting, conflicting events would resume at 6:30 PM, so the window of time available for the meeting was limited to no more than one hour. Prior to the meeting President Kent Maneth asked Secretary Myron Lieberman to act as chair. It was decided that we would review the topics from the November agenda, remove those that were not current issues, add other topics that have become current issues, and vote only on those items where long discussions were not required. It was noted that the last two Treasurer's Reports were received and are posted on the web. We are current. The next item was scholastic coordinators. The Regional scholastic coordinators have been determined but the State Scholastic Coordinator, who USCF wants to give as a contact when people ask them questions about scholastic chess in Arizona, has not yet been named. This is a priority item. The Bylaws Committee still needs to be formed. The previous Bylaws Committee is incomplete. This committee will involve some work as there is extensive Bylaw revision needed. There shouldn't be a limit to the size of the committee unless there is the unlikely problem of too many volunteers. We would like everyone who is interested, knowledgeable, and willing to work to be involved if possible. As it does not need to be a Board subcommittee, any ACFI member in good standing should be welcome to participate. It is very important, however, that committee members be active. The Bylaws specify that the Board selects all committee chairs. The Board can select the chair and some or all of the committee members or the Board can select the chair with the chair being able to add committee members subject to Board approval. It should be noted that the President or Secretary is usually the Chair of a Bylaws Committee, but that is not a requirement. The structure of the Nominations and Tournament Conflict committees are specified in the Bylaws while others are not. The issue of committee structure is certain to be discussed in any Bylaw revision, so it is worth thinking about now. The Bylaw language is as follows: --------------------------------------- ARTICLE V: Committees Section 1. Creation - The Board shall create a Nominating Committee and a Tournament Conflict Clearinghouse Committee. Other committees may be created by the Board as appropriate. Section 2. Committee Chairmen. 2.1 The Board shall elect chairmen for all committees. 2.2 The term of each committee chairman shall commence upon appointment and shall expire at the end of the ACFI year of appointment but not before a successor has been chosen. 2.3 Every Committee Chairman shall be responsible for carrying out the committee's functions and for presenting program reports at each meeting of the Board and a final report when appropriate. Section 3. Committee Membership 3.1 Committee members are appointed by the committee chairmen and must be members of the ACFI. 3.2 The Nominating Committee shall consist of at least four members. Section 4. Functions of the Committees 4.1 The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for carrying out the nomination and election procedures as described in ARTICLE IV Section 4 4.2 The functions of other committees shall be determined by the Board. ------------------------------------- The November agenda items regarding an increase in ACFI tournament fees or charging ACFI fees for qualifiers were discussed but no changes of that nature were proposed. This was not considered a current issue. The Adult State Championship cycle was discussed. This has been extensively discussed in e-mail and there is currently still no structure that has been accepted. The 2008 Tucson Open generated the 2007 champion. The Webb tournament generated recent previous champions. It was suggested that rather than establish a procedure for the 2008 and future championships, we concentrate on the 2008 championship now. A question arose regarding ACFI's 501(c)(3) application status. Dean Cullen had prepared an application that Robby Adamson considered to be good, but it has not yet been filed. Kent Maneth cautioned that it could be expensive and he expressed concern that it might not be granted. He suggested that we get someone current to file the application. The issue of rotation of qualifiers appears to have been accomplished, but section structure and a revision of rules for qualifiers is still an issue. The issue of Home School eligibility was a major concern in 2007. Will Wharton noted that a committee formed for the purpose of addressing that issue could not decide on a recommendation but passed three recommendations on to the Board. The Board did not vote any of them in. An oral summary of what happened last year was given at the meeting, including media involvement. Robby Adamson pointed out the need for objective standards. There were no changes recommended but continued discussion is welcome if anyone wants to bring it up. The current practice is for ACFI to use USCF rules as a default on any issue not addressed by ACFI rules. The exception to the rules that allowed a player to compete in the State Scholastic Championship although he did not have a qualifying score in a Regional was discussed. The incident brought up the more general issues of claims and appeals procedures and how to handle interference on the part of a third party (such as a parent, coach, other player, etc.). Currently a committee of Robby Adamson and Will Wharton decides whether or not to allow an exemption. Robby Adamson, Jon Coulter, Kiki Huerta, Myron Lieberman, Marty Schneider, and Will Wharton were among those who participated in the discussion. Will Wharton pointed out that we want to improve the players' conditions and we all want to make scholastics better. He asked that consideration of regulations and conditions at qualifiers be added to current issues. Marty Schneider cautioned that all qualifiers should handle incidents in the same way so that decisions will be consistent in all qualifiers. This can limit TD discretion in some cases. Published rules still need to be reviewed and updated (cleaned up). ACFI received two proposals for hosting the 2009 Arizona Scholastic Chess Championships. One was from GPCA and the other from Smart Chess. The proposals had been cirulated to the Board and discussed by e-mail for the last two weeks. Organizers have a right to know as soon as possible whether or not they will host the championship in order to start making arrangements and promoting the event. As there has been considerable prior discussion it seemed reasonable to accept one proposal or the other at this meeting. A straw poll was taken as to whether to choose a proposal at the meeting or at some other time. No other date was suggested by anyone and there was no objection to deciding at this time. Myron Lieberman asked for a motion to accept either the GPCA or Smart Chess proposal so that it could be voted upon. Eight Board members were present, so a quorum existed. Spencer Lower moved to decide tonight where the 2009 State Championship will be held. After discussion the maker of the motion withdrew it. Kiki Huerta then moved and Marty Schneider seconded acceptance of the GPCA proposal. Kiki Huerta noted that both proposals were good, however he believed that the Smart Chess dates were too close to the Super Nationals. MOTION ACFI 0804-01 – Huerta – Move to accept the GPCA proposal for the 2009 Arizona State Scholastic Chess Championships. PASSED 5-0-3 with Kent Maneth, Lynn Schucker, and Will Wharton abstaining. Will Wharton moved and Myron Lieberman seconded a motion to adjourn. The motion passed without objection and the meeting adjourned at 6:11 PM. Thanks to all for participating. Those Board members who were unable to attend but want to add their vote on the proposal choice for the record may do so since the discussion took place prior to the meeting. Recommended follow-ups to items discussed at the April meeting Follow-up 08-01. Would a Board member please offer a motion as to who should be the State Scholastic Coordinator for Arizona? That person should be familiar with scholastic chess in Arizona and be able to refer inquiries to Regional Scholastic Coordinators or specific scholastic organizers as appropriate. Follow-up 08-02. Would a Board member please propose a motion that would name either a Bylaws chair or the chair and proposed committee? Follow-up 08-03. Would a Board member please propose a default committee structure for any ad-hoc, standing, or Board subcommittees not specified in the Bylaws? Follow-up 08-04. Would a Board member please propose a structure for the 2008 Arizona State Chess (adult or overall) Championship cycle? Follow-up 08-05. Would a Board member please suggest who might be willing to work with Dean Cullen to determine any needed updates to the application (if Dean Cullen is available and willing to help) and who on the current Board might be willing to file ACFI's 501(c)(3) application? Follow-up 08-06. Would a Board member please propose a structure for ACFI qualifiers, including section structure? Follow-up 08-07. Would a Board member like to start the discussion on proposed changes in regulations for ACFI Qualifiers and Championships? Should a subcommittee be named? Follow-up 08-08. Would a Board member like to volunteer to clean up published rules? Should a subcommittee be named? A sound file of the meeting in .wma format is available on request for anyone who is interested and who can accept a 10.5 MB file. It cannot be attached to this message because of its size. Please contact if you would like the sound file.

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