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Donald Godfrey's Candidate Statement for Membership Officer: Dear Chess Enthusiast. My name is Donald Godfrey and I am a candidate for the position of Membership Officer. I moved to Arizona in calendar year 2006 and am employed as a Program Manager for Honeywell Aerospace. I began playing chess as a young student in Indianapolis . I currently have two boys that play the game daily and love competing against other players. As the Membership Officer I would like to join with the Board and work to encourage families to play chess together. It would be fun to have at State Competitions time where children could compete against parents. This activity would encourage adults to not only join the USCF but be more involved and encouraging to the chess development of their children. I look forward to working with the board to resolve issues and expand the popularity of this game in the state of Arizona not only with children but also with adults. I appreciate your support for this position. My contact information is as follows: Donald Godfrey (USCF ID: 13689568) 16610 S34th Way Phoenix, Arizona 85048 480-350-7897 Sincerely, Donald Godfrey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Philip Harmonick's Candidate Statement: ACFI Candidate Statement Phillip Harmonick The ACFI functions. Little more can be said about the existing structure of the organization. I am all for functionality, but as a goal it falls far short of what we might expect or aspire towards. The ACFI has the potential to impact the chess participation and experience of its members on a much larger scale by attempting to reach out to a broader chess audience. Areas of interest to me as a board member will include: The revitalization of the Arizona adult chess playing community, more effort to attract collegiate players, and outreach programs for public schools. In my opinion, the ACFI has the potential to provide the highest quality service for its members, but needs an influx of new blood with fresh motivation and energy to bring about significant progress. Finally, a little bit about me. I have played chess competitively since age 13. I formed and began coaching a team of peers and younger students soon after and continue to do so to this day. I am currently a junior at Arizona State University and am working towards a double major in Political Science and Justice Studies. I am extremely passionate about Chess and look forward to serving you as your Regional Representative. Thank you for your vote. Phillip Harmonick --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Myron Lieberman's Candidate Statement for ACFI Secretary: Hello all, It has been my pleasure to serve you as ACFI Secretary and USCF contact and am willing to do so again for the next term if you so choose. I will, if elected, provide suggestions for more effective operation of ACFI to the new Board. These suggestions, if accepted, could have a significant impact on our structure. I can be reached at --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lynn Schucker's Candidate Statement: Lynn Schucker Hello to all Arizona USCF Members! I am an Arizona Native. I am running for regional representative for Maricopa County for the ACFI Board. I have been the Maricopa Regional representative and the Maricopa Region State Scholastic Coordinator for the past 3 years. I have been the Vice President of the Gilbert Parent’s Chess Alli ance, a Non-Profit 501(c) 3 Scholastic Organization for the past 2 years. I have helped organize many scholastic USCF Chess Tournaments, including the 2006 Arizona State Scholastic Chess Championship and the 2007 Arizona State Grades Championship (both held in Gilbert, AZ). I have been involved in chess with my 2 sons for the past 7 years supporting their learning of the game, helping to organize their clubs at their schools and attending many tournaments all over Arizona. I help organize at least 12-14 Scholastic tourna ments and I attend at least 20 tournaments in Arizona each year. I have also attended many National USCF Events on all levels. Goals for the next 3 years: Improvements in: · Statewide communication between organizers and players · Updated chess information on the State Website with classes offered, tournaments and instructors available to teach with contact information · Promotion of more Scholastic and Adult USCF Chess in Arizona · Opportunities for Adult Chess I think Chess is a very positive influence for children to improve their academics, logical and critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. I am an avid supporter of promoting chess programs, chess tournaments and having more opportunities for chess to be available for Scholastic and Adult players in Arizona. I have the time, interest, and energy to add my experiences to our State Chess Organization for the next 3 years --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jennifer Shacter's Candidate Statement for ACFI Treasurer ACFI Candidate Statement Jennifer K. Shacter for Treasurer My name is Jennifer Shacter and I have been the ACFI Treasurer since October 1998 when ACFI was formed. I am currently seeking re-election for a fourth term. My duties during my previous three terms as ACFI Treasurer were to set up the ACFI checking account, make certain that debts & fees were paid as well as income deposited in a timely manner, provide complete and accurate financial statements at all ACFI meetings (or whenever so requested), answer pertinent finance-related questions, and to file the Annual AZ Corp. Commission Statement. I hold a current USCF membership and have been a supporter of USCF for over 13 years. Prior to becoming an ACFI Officer, I was a representative of So. AZ on the AZ Scholastic Board (5 years) and was actively involved in decisions concerning the AZ State Scholastic Championships. I founded the Magee Middle School Chess Club in Tucson and organized week-to-week operations including all fundraising to pay for coaching, equipment, and travel for 6 years. I have been actively involved in SACA for over 13 years and have volunteered to handle their equipment ordering and sales at scholastic events and throughout the year going on 6 years. Equipment sales for SACA have increased substantially during this period. I have devoted countless volunteer hours over the years assisting at local, state, and national tournaments held in AZ, long past when my children (now grown adults in their 20’s) were participants. Outside of the local and state chess communities, I have been actively involved in Girl Scouts as an older girl leader/advisor (12 years), volunteer on the Sahuaro GS Council Product Sales Marketing Team (15 years), Sabino Service Unit Calendar Chairman (8 years) and Cookie Manager (14 years), Troop #512 & #513 Calendar & Cookie Manager (17 years between both troops), and I am the local representative to the National Jewish GS Committee (11 years). I was an active member of the Sabino High School PTSA for 10 years, serving as chairman of the Annual Non-Event Fundraiser (the only fundraiser for this organization) for 8 years, and the PTSA Treasurer for the 2004-2005 school year. I was the Entertainment Book Chairman (17 years) for Cong. Bet Shalom Sisterhood, having also held the offices of President (4 years) and Treasurer (10 years) for that organization during that same time period. I also was President of the Sabino HS Spiritline Booster Club, an organization I coordinated fundraising for 3 years prior to my presidency and was involved with for 6 years. On a more personal side, I have been married for over 28 years to Stu who has been incredibly supportive of all my volunteer endeavors. I am the mother of four – Alana (an Epidemiologist for the Maricopa County Dept. of Public Health), Jon (an accomplished chess player, National TD and Master’s Candidate in Management Information Systems at the University of Arizona), Sarah (a senior at Georgia Tech), and Mitch (a junior at Purdue). I recently closed my business, KoSho Karate San in Tucson, AZ, which served the eastside Tucson community for many successful years. It is my desire to continue on as the ACFI Treasurer for another term. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trey Manning's Candidate Statement for Region III Representative: Candidate Statement My name is Trey Manning and I am a candidate for Region III Representative of the Arizona Chess Federation. I am very excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the Arizona Chess Federation and to promote chess and chess education within Arizona. I am currently employed with Coconino County and also work for Coconino Community College in Page AZ. I was raised in Page and graduated from Page High School. Even as a student, I fought for chess programs at my school and was successful in dealing with the administration to see that chess was successful in my small/remote town. I was involved in scholastic chess from grade 6 – 12 and participated in AIA tournaments across the state ranging from team matches to regional and state tournaments. Many of these tournaments were directed by ACF's very own Myron Lieberman, who I know and respect very much and who has done so much for chess in our state. After leaving Page, I attended Arizona State University. During my time at ASU, I was active in the ASU club, the Tempe Chess Club, and the Phoenix club that was at the Washington Rec. Center. During my 15 years of living in the Valley, I had the pleasure of interacting with so many chess players and many of the major figures in Arizona Chess (Myron Lieberman, Scott Freneaux, Robert Tanner, the Rensch Family, Robby Adamson, Dean Cullen, John Nesbit, etc..). Perhaps my biggest chess accomplishment in Phoenix was helping to turn the Coffee Plantation in Tempe into a vibrant chess scene. I left Phoenix in 2002 and worked in Japan for 3 years as a teacher where I was active in teaching chess to my students. After returning from Japan, I settled again in Page where I have been active with a friend in holding a weekly chess night at the local library. We provide instruction and informal games to all who attend. We are also working on establishing a club for the Page area and trying to promote chess more in the schools in Page and the surrounding area. Thank you again for considering me for the Region III representative. My goal is to continue with the Arizona Chess Federations mission of making chess a strong presence in Arizona and opening doors for all those that are interested in chess. I hope to add a new perspective and knowledge of my region to the board. Trey Manning USCF ID 12451021 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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