The Arizona Chess Federation, Inc. 

Candidates for the 2007 ACFI Board Election

The ACFI Nominations Committee has received and reviewed sufficient nominations to offer one candidate for each position. Congratulations to the candidates, who are listed below. President - Dean Cullen Vice President - Ramie Jimenez Secretary - Myron Lieberman Treasurer - Jennifer Shacter Membership Officer - Donald Godfrey Region I Representative (vote for 2) - Lynn Schucker, Philip Harmonick Region II Representative (Vote for 2) - Robby Adamson, Kiki Huerta Region III Representative (Vote for 2) - Trey Manning, Spencer Lower Please note: This is not a slate. All for whom nominations have been received are included on this list. All offices are uncontested by officially certified candidates, but write ins are acceptable for any position. Thanks to the nominations committee for their work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note: There are a number of write-in candidates that are said to be running this year. The possible active write-ins that we have been made aware of are as follows: President - Kent Maneth Treasurer - Rob Lowery Membership Officer - William Wharton Region I Representative - Richard Smouse, Mike Fitch Region III Representative - Marty Schneider

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