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Minutes of the September, 2006, ACFI Annual Board Meeting

MINUTES of the 2006 ACFI ANNUAL MEETING The meeting was called to order at 10:03 AM. Present were Steven Kamp, Albert Lemke, Myron Lieberman (assisted by Rachel Lieberman), Spencer Lower, Jennifer Shacter, and Will Wharton. Robert Tanner arrived shortly thereafter. Robby Adamson and Kiki Huerta were contacted by phone briefly during the meeting. Mark Ginsburg was in an adjoining room playing in a FIDE tournament. He did not get a chance to attend. Also present were Dean Cullen and Luke Karrys. The Treasurer's Report was previously e-mailed by Treasurer Jennifer Shacter. Jennifer reviewed the fact that the checkbook balance is currently $5,013.50. The bank shows the balance as $5,024.50 due to a bank over credit. There was also an anonymous $750 donation for the promotion of Arizona chess. Special thanks to the donor. It will be verified that the donor knows that ACFI is currently not a 501c3 organization before accepting the donation. MOTION 06-01 Will Wharton: Moved to accept the Treasurer's report. PASSED 6-0. The Board discussed the Bylaw wording that had raised questions about the procedure for filling vacancies. There was little agreement on the basic meanings of the existing wording. Will Wharton read Section 7 of the bylaws regarding succession. He stated that he was looking for interpretation, not necessarily change. At issue is the fact that a Board member resigned who had received 110 votes. The next highest vote getter (Cindy Hawkinson) received 33 votes but declined the position when it was offered. The question is as follows: Should the Board go down the list in order of votes received to fill the vacancy or should the President appoint a new Board member if the next highest vote getter is not available? The issue was resolved for this instance as Robert Tanner was both the next highest vote getter (with 30 votes) and the President’s nominee. Dean Cullen was next with 27 votes. The Bylaws should, however, be clarified for the future. Opinions were expressed on both sides of the issue. Robert Tanner arrived at 10:12 AM during the discussion.. He accepted the position vacated by Mark Davis and was welcomed to the Board at this time. MOTION 06 - 02 Myron Lieberman (seconded by Robert Tanner): Moved to name a Bylaws Committee to review the entire Bylaw section on vacancies and make recommendations to the Board via e-mail or physical meeting prior to the 2007 Annual Meeting. PASSED 4 – 1 – 2 (Lower opposed; Lemke, Wharton abstained). Steven Kamp agreed to Chair the committee if Will Wharton and Spencer Lower will serve on the committee. Myron Lieberman also expressed an interest in being on the committee, which has not yet been named, The Board has reorganized and vacancies have been filled. The new structure is as follows. All terms end in 2007, when there will be a new election. President - Will Wharton (Officially replaces Michael Reading who was recalled) Vice President - Robert Tanner (Replaces Steven Kamp who has accepted the position of Region III Representative) Secretary - Myron Lieberman (No Change) Treasurer - Jennifer Shacter (No Change) Membership Officer - Albert Lemke (No Change) Immediate Past President - Robby Adamson (Replaces Will Wharton, who accepted the Presidency for the balance of this term) Region I Representative (Scholastic) - Lynn Schucker (No Change) Region I Representative - Dean Cullen (Replaces Robert Tanner, who accepted the Vice Presidency. Region II Representative (Scholastic) - Enrique "Kiki" Huerta (Replaces Robby Adamson, who became immediate Past President). Region II Representative - Mark Ginsburg (No Change) Region III Representative - Steven Kamp (Replaces Gary Moore, who resigned earlier) Region III Representative - Spencer Lower (No Change) The motions that were made to create this final structure are two e-mail motions prior to the meeting that named Robert Tanner Region I Representative and recalled Michael Reading for cause along with the following motions at the meeting. There was extensive discussion. MOTION 06-03 Steven Kamp (seconded by Albert Lemke): Moved that Will Wharton complete this term as President. It was amended by Myron Lieberman to add that Robby Adamson shall serve as Immediate Past President for the remainder of this term. PASSED 7-0. MOTION 06-04 Will Wharton (seconded by Myron Lieberman): Moved to nominate Enrique "Kiki" Huerta for the Region II Representative position vacated by Robby Adamson. PASSED 7-0. Steven Kamp suggested that Spencer Lower be named Vice President during the discussion. Other suggestions were also made during the discussion. MOTION 06-05 Myron Lieberman (seconded by Will Wharton): Moved that Steven Kamp be named Region III Representative and Robert Tanner be nominated for the Vice Presidential vacancy that is created. PASSED 6-0-1 with Robert Tanner abstaining. MOTION 06-06 Will Wharton: Moved that Dean Cullen be nominated for the Region I Representative vacancy that the above change created. PASSED 7-0. Dean Cullen was present and took his seat on the Board. Welcome to the new Board members. If anyone on the Board prefers a different e-mail address to the address on this list, please let Myron Lieberman know. Robert Tanner left the meeting at 10:55 AM as it was his daughter’s birthday and they had family plans. Communication was discussed. Jennifer Shacter presented what she considered to be problems. Existing policy was apparently not being followed in those cases. Jennifer noted that Karen Pennock, Kiki Huerta, and her son John had seen instances in which Board members had referred to each other by last name and the complete Board had not been copied on some emails that concerned Board business. Will Wharton stated that Board discussions on Board issues need to be copied to the full Board. MOTION 06-07 Myron Lieberman (seconded by Steven Kamp): Moved that ACFI reaffirm two policies related to communications. 1. Any discussion of ACFI issues to be considered by the Board should be e-mailed to all Board members. 2. ACFI strongly encourages anyone who has any input on any item being discussed to make their comments known to the Board. PASSED 7-0. Please note that Robert Tanner had already left the meeting and Dean Cullen joined the Board, leaving the number of votes at 7. Please also note that the intent of this motion is not to prevent informal discussion over dinner but rather to discourage partial board caucuses hidden from other Board members. The next portion of the agenda was concerned with upcoming events. Steven Kamp noted that he could provide a site and location for the Webb State Championship on Dec 2, 2006 or January 6, 2007. Will Wharton objected to the January 6 date because it is not in this year. Will accepted as an action item to contact Robby Adamson, Chair of the State Championship Committee, regarding the status and structure of the Webb and let Steven Kamp know. It was noted that the financial backing of the Webb Memorial is $500 each from SACA, ACFI, and American Chess Events, for a total of $1500. Treasurer Jennifer Shacter and Steven Kamp requested more information regarding the State Grades proposal. Such information as date, site, chief TD etc. are not there. It was noted that GPCA had no representative at the meeting to directly answer questions about the proposal. Will Wharton reaffirmed the January 6 date and stated that the proposal should be approved if it meets requirements. The question of advertising and promotional materials at state events was discussed, as well as well as naming suitable TDs. It was brought up that the GPCA has indicated that it will not allow advertising from any organization that is not 501 c 3 due to IRS regulations. Myron Lieberman pointed out that we need to update the authorized list of TDs for ACFI sponsored events for USCF as well. Please be sure that you let him know of any TDs that you authorize to run your ACFI events. Jennifer Shacter indicated a precise signed contract should always be in place. She moved that there be a formalized contract for any ACFI awarded championship. Al Lemke suggested that a checklist be put in place that would follow ACFI rules and guidelines. The question of team rooms was also discussed. Will Wharton accepted an action item to talk to Robby Adamson about a simple generic contract. The motion was tabled and not voted at this time. Will Wharton also accepted an action item to let GPCA know what was needed and report back to the Board. He will put the revised proposal up for a vote as soon as possible. It was noted that any special requirements of the site (i.e., no food in carpeted areas) should be included in the proposal. Kiki Huerta answered questions about the SACA proposal for the 2007 state Scholastics on speakerphone. He was not on the line for the vote. The event will be held in mid March (March 16, 17, and 18). Steven Kamp indicated that late April would be a better time. Dean Cullen said that the earlier the event, the earlier scholastic participation drops off. Kiki said that late April dates were not available at any venue. The question of allowing advertising and promotional materials at state events was again discussed. Will Wharton said that it is a common courtesy to allow flyers from camps and tournaments. MOTION 06-08 Spencer Lower (seconded by Myron Lieberman): Moved to accept the SACA proposal. PASSED 5-2 with Steven Kamp and Dean Cullen opposed. Ric Fischer, the ACFI web host, was supposed to attend the meeting, but at the last minute could not attend. Please note: It was later explained that he was ill and the site is currently down due to damage from a recent storm. Luke Karrys, who would do the posting for Steven Kamp attended to hear Ric's presentation and find out more about the site. Myron Lieberman provided a history of the ACFI website and provided Luke Karrys with Ric’s contact information. The goal for the ACFI website is to provide a website where our people can do the posting. Ric has provided and configured Drupal content management software and has offered to host the site and provide support. The cost would be $60 per year. Eventually we should be able to post newsworthy events, maneuver the chess calendar, accommodate blogs and discussions, and possibly play over games with animated moves, as is currently done on the USCF website. Please note that links to the crosstables of USCF rated Arizona State Championship events since 1992 are on the site. Home school issues were discussed next. It was noted that a committee was formed but the chairman has resigned. This circumstance means that currently the old systems are in place because the motion that was passed by email poll after the special meeting in February is not in effect. Will Wharton noted that the current system gives a home school student without a team more options than a public school student without a team. Will Wharton read parts of the USCF rule. Home school students may represent their school if criteria are met. They can form their own team within a local public school region. A proposal introduced by Gary Moore was discussed. Steven Kamp recommended that the Board vote on Gary’s proposal. Instead the Board voted on whether to endorse it because it is not yet complete. Myron Lieberman noted that the USCF Scholastic Council often changes their regulations, which are routinely accepted by the USCF Executive Board. If we use USCF guidelines someone will need to monitor the USCF site for any changes. MOTION 06-09 Steven Kamp: Moved that the Board endorses Gary Moore's proposal for home schooling in principle. The motion FAILED 1-5-1 with Steven Kamp in favor and Myron Lieberman abstaining. The proposal was as follows: ---------------- Home Schooling issue for ACFI - For 8/27/06 Board of Governors Meeting Rationale After looking at numerous state requirements for home school team participation and the national scholastic chess tournament regulations, particularly all of 13.3 and 13.4 (which considers virtual school students), I’ve concluded that AZ has a unique situation which requires a unique solution. Since the issue was brought up about CEVNOR and Maricopa County, I’ll keep my immediate discussion to Maricopa County although, in closing, I’ll suggest possible solutions for the North and for Tucson. In addition, the national guidelines, 13.2, which limits participation to home school students residing “within the boundaries of the local public school” seem, for AZ, far too restrictive. Maricopa County is separated into 5 districts. (See However, 5 seem too many, so I took the liberty of resectioning the districts into 3, keeping the basic integrity of each. Solution 1.I would propose that home schooled students be allowed to form teams within Maricopa County. Based on their city of residence, the student would fall within one of three competitive districts: 2.District 1: Queen Creek, Chandler, Guadalupe, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, and Scottsdale. 3.District 2: Phoenix. 4.District 3: Sentinel, Gila Bend, Buckeye, Goodyear, Glendale, Peoria, Wickenburg, Aguila, Surprise, Cave Creek, and Carefree. 1.If a student, does not live in one of these cities, the closest one to them would define their district of participation (I was not interested in naming every town in Maricopa County). 2.Also, one home school program, conceivably, could have a home school site in each of the 3 districts, having 3 unique teams compete in state tournaments. (e.g., CEVNOR1, CEVNOR2) 3.Also, there may be more than one home school team located within the district boundaries. (spinning off of in the national regulations, e.g., CEVNOR1, BASIC1). Other Counties I leave it to our governors in the south and north to determine whether the rest of the state would need to be divided. The Tucson members may want to divide Tucson into 2 districts: South Tucson with Nogales and Sierra Vista; North Tucson with Yuma, Safford, Casa Grande. What would be the separating criteria? I think that would be a decision they could make since they know the area best. The north could be divided into 3 areas: Flagstaff, Williams, Page, Indian reservations and north; Pinetop, Showlow, Lakeside, Winslow, Holbrook, Payson; and Prescott, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Kingman, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu, Parker. These are just ideas to think about re the rest of the state since the immediate concern was Maricopa County. Closing I am not attached to this particular solution, rather see it as a springboard to refine, revise as the board members deem necessary. My goal was to create a solution that would work for the numerous home schooled students and players who wish to participate in chess competition in the states or grade championships. -------------------- At this time the Board confirmed that ACFI will follow USCF guidelines. MOTION 06-10 Spencer Lower (seconded by Will Wharton): Moved that the ACFI Board confirms that with regard to Home School teams and scholastics we are following USCF guidelines. PASSED 6-1-0 with Steven Kamp opposed. Discussion on qualifiers was then in order. The sense of the Board was that every qualifier should have to be approved every year and that the minimum number of participants to automatically qualify rule (64) should no longer be in effect. It was stated that the same rules and format apply to all organizers. MOTION 06-11 Steven Kamp (seconded by Al Lemke): Moved that there be no more grandfathering of qualifiers. Every organization that wants to put in a qualifier should submit the request by November 1. PASSED 7-0 Will Wharton stated that he will inform organizers of this change. Spencer Lower and Steven Kamp will inform northern organizers. The action plan would be for all organizers to submit their bids by November 1 to Secretary Myron Lieberman. All submitted bids must include date, site, and contact person. Myron will distribute the bid to the Board. A poll vote will take place by November 15. Please note: Automatic approval of qualifiers has been abandoned. MOTION 06-12 Albert Lemke (seconded by Steven Kamp): Moved that the ACFI Board will determine the status of qualifiers submitted by Nov 1 no later than Nov 15. After this date qualifiers will be considered on a case by case basis. PASSED 7-0 Other Qualifier concerns were discussed including the difficulty in getting hotel rooms. It was determined that the weekend before a state championship is an eligible weekend for a Qualifier. MOTION 06-13 Will Wharton (seconded by Dean Cullen, Myron Lieberman, and Steven Kamp): Moved that eligible dates for holding qualifiers would include the Saturday before the state championship. PASSED 5-0-2 with Steven Kamp and Jennifer Shacter abstaining. Format and rules for state qualifiers were discussed. Jennifer Shacter pointed out that SACA holds two qualifiers, one USCF rated and the other non and that the non USCF rated qualifier is the SACA Championship. She also stated that SACA encourages membership in USCF. Will Wharton accepted an action item to add a sentence to the regulations that Regional Qualifiers are part of the State Championship System. In addition, rules and guidelines need to be added. At this time several issues including changes to the state championship were reviewed. Will Wharton noted that the number of rounds in the high school section was changed to six and that the Denker and Polgar representatives are chosen from the high school section. Myron Lieberman pointed out that Amanda Mateer represented Arizona very well in the Polgar tournament. Her late round game with the eventual winner is the only game from the Polgar covered in "Chess Life Online". Vaishnav Aradhyula also represented Arizona well in the Denker. Both finished near the top. Myron Lieberman accepted an action item to congratulate both on the ACFI website (when it is available). The junior high school section is seven rounds. It was noted that most teams in the K – 5 section were from Tucson schools and that the K – 6 section was made up of fewer schools. In the discussion that ensued Steven Kamp suggested a survey of coaches to obtain feedback. Jennifer Shacter recommended that the changes be given another year. Opinions were expressed on these issues but no changes were made. The next item to be discussed was 501(c)3 status. The filing fee was discussed as well as the fact that the ACFI bylaws were written in anticipation of 501(c) 3 status. Myron Lieberman pointed out that if we actively solicit funds 501(c)3 status is essential. Donors want to see the IRS letter that confirms the 501(c)3 status (not just the application). Jennifer Shacter noted that 501(c)3 status is needed to bulk mail a state publication at best rates. Steven Kamp offered to front $10,000 for ACFI to achieve 501(c)3 status if someone could obtain a donation that would pay him back. Jennifer Shacter stated that all the paperwork is in place in order to file. Dean Cullen suggested forming a committee to follow up on this. Will Wharton stated that all Board members should look for opportunities. Please note. Dean Cullen is currently preparing an IRS form 1023 (the application for 501(c)3 status. Discussion on promotion of chess at state tournaments resumed. Jennifer Shacter proposed as a motion that all promotional materials displayed at ACFI events be approved by ACFI. This was withdrawn when it was made clear that it is already ACFI policy to allow promotion at ACFI events. Will Wharton suggested that the subject be tabled for now. He accepted an action item to bring it up for email discussion. The next items to be discussed were the Denker and Polgar Championships. Jennifer Shacter pointed out that the Denker representative is reimbursed for expenses up to $500 based on receipts for actual expenses, and that the Polgar representative should also receive some reimbursement. Spencer Lower pointed out that the Polgar Championship is exclusive to women. Jennifer Shacter suggested that any Polgar reimbursement be retroactive to this year. After discussion, two motions were then proposed MOTION 06-14 Myron Lieberman (seconded by Will Wharton): Moved that ACFI authorize reimbursement of expenses for Arizona's representative to the Polgar tournament on request, not to exceed $300. PASSED 7-0. MOTION 06-15 Spencer Lower (seconded by Jennifer Shacter): Moved that Amanda Mateer is reimbursed $300.00 for the 2006 Polgar tournament and we congratulate her for her performance. PASSED 7-0. A motion was made for adjournment. Spencer Lower objected to adjournment to propose the following motion: "The ACFI formally says "Shame on You" to the individuals and organizations that have broken our rules." There was no second or discussion and meeting adjourned at 2:14 PM. Note: GM Alex Yermolinsky won the 2006 American Chess Events August Invitational with a score of 3.5-1.5. Daniel Rensch was 2nd with 3-2. More information is available on request. APPENDIX 1 – MOTIONS VOTED AFTER FEBRARY MEETING Also of interest were the motions discussed at the February meeting. The February meeting was only a discussion meeting as a quorum was not present, however seven motions arose which were voted in an e-mail poll. For the benefit of the new Board members, the results of the poll on all seven motions is shown below. ---------- Hello all, The results of the poll on seven motions that arose from the discussion meeting on February 4 at ASU follow. Regards, Myron ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Replies were received from Robby Adamson, Mark Davis, Mark Ginsburg, Steven Kamp, Albert Lemke, Myron Lieberman, Spencer Lower, Gary Moore, Jennifer Shacter, and Will Wharton. Replies were not received from Michael Reading or Lynn Schucker. 1. ACFI should develop its own rule for Home Schooled students. PASSED 10-0-0. Note: The Board should develop and publish its own Home School rule, hopefully in time for the 2006 events. Any exceptions to the regulations for this year should be considered by the committee set up in motions 3 and 4 if the Board does not pass its own rule in time. 2.Change the Junior High section at the Arizona Scholastic Championship for this year and future years to include grades K-9. PASSED 9-1-0 (Spencer Lower Opposed) 3.A Qualifications Committee be formed for the purpose of determining whether exceptions are granted in in regard to qualification for the AZ State Scholastic Championship. All situations or requests that could result in exceptions to ACFI regulations shall be referred to the Qualifications Committee. The Qualifications Committee has no expiration date. PASSED 10-0-0 4.The initial members of the Qualifications Committee shall be Robby Adamson and Will Wharton. PASSED 8-0-2 (Adamson and Wharton abstain) 5.Move to extend the deadline for receiving proposals for the 2007 AZ State Grade Championships to March 31, 2006. PASSED 10-0-0. Note: This needs to be publicized and perhaps proposals should be solicited if necessary. 6.The selection of Tournament Directors for all AZ State Championship events must be pre-approved by the Board prior to the TD(s) being invited. PASSED 9-0-0-1 with Spencer Lower not voting on this motion. 7.Until such time as the President is once again willing and able to continue in that role, the day to day functions of the President will temporarily be filled by another Board member. PASSED 10-0-0. Note: This requires that the Board take action (by e-mail poll) to determine which Board member will temporarily serve as President. It is my interpretation that as soon as the President is willing and able to perform all functions he can resume office without further action. If he informs the Board of his willingness to resume office before a temporary President is named, the Board may consider his resuming office, although the Board may clarify what is expected of him and obtain his agreement prior to a final decision.

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