The Arizona Chess Federation, Inc. 

Minutes of the September, 2005, ACFI Board Meeting

ACTIONS TAKEN AT THE 09/18/2005 MEETING OF THE ACFI The meeting took place at Robby Adamson's Law Offices in Tucson. Thanks to Robby for hosting the meeting. At the request of President Michael Reading, former President Will Wharton chaired the meeting, which was called to order at 12:15PM. Board members Robby Adamson, Mark Ginsburg, Albert Lemke, Myron Lieberman, Spencer Lower, Michael Reading, Lynn Schucker, and Will Wharton were present. Also in attendance for part or all of the meeting were Judge George Anagnost, Scott Freneaux, Kanokporn Siriwan Freneaux, Leo Lacrimosa, Rachel Lieberman, and Gavin Wharton. GPCA had asked to run a qualifier on Feb 25, 2006. Objection was raised during objections procedure so the issue came before the Board. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Motion 2005-09-001 - Lieberman - GPCA be authorized to run a qualifier on 02/25/06. PASSED 6-0-2 with Spencer Lower and Lynn Schucker abstaining. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Scott Freneaux had approached the Board regarding his intent to submit a bid for the 2006 State Scholastics, and was informed that due to a motion passed last year, the deadline for receiving proposals had changed and that information was posted on the ACFI website since May, 2004. He expressed concern that organizers that are likely to want to make a proposal should be made aware of major changes that could affect them directly without requiring them to visit a website. Myron Lieberman indicated that he would e-mail all pertinent information to anyone who asked to be on a list to receive it. The Board agreed that it would be proper to notify affected individuals or organizations directly, however the 2006 Scholastics had already been awarded. Any attempt to take away an event that had already been awarded and had already incurred expenses would result in a liability. Extensive discussion followed. It was noted that if one organizer would be allowed to submit a proposal, other organizers who might have had an interest should be notified. The meeting recessed from 12:52 PM to 1:09 PM after which discussion continued. Myron Lieberman proposed the following motion, which was seconded by Robby Adamson: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Motion 2005-09-002 - Lieberman - We will allow proposals by bidders who submitted bids in the last two cycles of the Arizona State Scholastic Championship in the Central Arizona Region to be heard for the 2006 Arizona State Scholastic Chess Championship. The proposals should be submitted no later than October 1, 2005. PASSED 5-1-2 with mark Ginsburg opposed and Lynn Schucker and Will Wharton abstaining. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The next topic to be discussed was communication. Myron Lieberman provided historical background regarding ACFI and its predecessor and how communication and meetings were handled in the past. The current Board has had problems with setting meeting dates at which a quorum could be expected and also with e-mail discussions. These problems were aired. The Board agreed that e-mails from other Board members should not be rejected and that polling by e-mail continues to be a viable procedure. They also agreed that e-mails from other Board members that require an answer should be answered, but that Board members should not inundate others with messages. Myron Lieberman also mentioned newer technology, such as Google-Talk, that could provide additional options for communication. In order to increase the probability that the Board can fit at least one meeting into their schedule, Myron Lieberman made and Michael Reading seconded the following motion: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motion 2005-09-003 - Lieberman - Move that we have an annual physical meeting to be held on the fourth Sunday of August effective beginning with the 2006 meeting. PASSED 5-1-2 with Spencer Lower opposed and Robby Adamson and Will Wharton abstaining. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next on the agenda was the Col. Paul Webb Arizona State Chess Championship. The event will take place at the Verde Valley School in the Village of Oakcreek on the weekend of December 11, 2005. Various details were discussed. Spencer Lower will chair a committee, which will include co-organizer (with Spencer) Marty Schneider, Director Myron Lieberman, Robby Adamson, and anyone else who is interested. Myron Lieberman had distributed a list to all Board members which included all 130 players with ratings of 2000 and above in the October 2005 USCF rating supplement. It was noted that the residency requirement has been one year. Spencer Lower had written a letter which was to be sent to all Arizona residents with ratings above 2300 regardless of activity. It will need some modification, but that will have to be done quickly. The deadline for replies was set at October 15. If we do not have six players and six alternates by that time, the letter will go to the next lower rating category. The question of how to contact them was considered. USCF lists are incomplete because anyone who chooses to not allow USCF to mail to third parties will not be on the lists, but they are a good starting point. Another method would be e-mail (which was the primary method last year), and Myron Lieberman will submit the final wording of the letter to be put on the ACFI website. It was important to know what funds ACFI would allocate for the event as that would be the minimum available to the players (those that play will decide on the distribution). Please note that the letter will need to state that the highest rated six players who accept are the field and those who are rated below the lowest rated player in the field are alternates in order of USCF rating. Will Wharton made the following motion, seconded by Robby Adamson: -------------------------------------------- 2005-09-004 - Wharton - Move to allot $500 to the State Championship. PASSED 8-0 -------------------------------------------- It was noted that one of the players on the list of 2300+ rated players had a provisional rating. Mark Ginsburg moved and Robby Adamson seconded the following motion to not invite provisionally rated players: -------------------------------------------- 2005-09-005 - Ginsburg - Provisional players should not be invited. PASSED 8-0. -------------------------------------------- Next to be discussed was the website. It was noted that many areas have not been updated despite requests to do so. Many possibilities were discussed. Mark Ginsburg will provide a proposal via e-mail whereby Board members have responsibility for their own content on the website and will be able to post their own material directly. Will Wharton proposed an action item which was agreed to, which provided a deadline of October 15, 2005, for the proposal to be received by the Board. The possibility of each Board member having their individual e-mail address on the ACFI domain was also discussed. Michael Reading then initiated a discussion of the definition of residency as applied to scholastics, which included the status of home schooled children. Robby Adamson suggested that Michael Reading would head a committee on eligibility for scholastic teams. The committee would consider residence and home school requirements as well as possible other factors. This was agreed to as an action item. The question of rotation of scholastic tournaments was then discussed. No changes were proposed at this time. Next to be discussed was K-5 and K-6 sections. After discussion, Michael Reading moved the following motion, seconded by Lynn Schucker: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-09-006 - Reading - Add a K-5 Section to the Arizona Scholastic State Championships with four player teams. PASSED 8-0. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Reading then moved and Will Wharton seconded a motion to drop the K-6 to four player teams: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-09-007 - Reading - Drop one player from the K-6 team to make the K-6 section consist of four player teams. PASSED 8-0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Robby Adamson moved and Michael Reading seconded a motion to lower the number of rounds for State Scholastic Championship sections, after which Will Wharton moved that the schedule be four rounds on Saturday. He also moved, and Lynn Schucker seconded, that the time control be Game/45 on Saturday. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-09-008 - Adamson - Lower the number of rounds to seven at the Arizona State Scholastic Championships for the K-1, K-3, K-5, K-6, and K-8 sections. PASSED 8-0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-09-009 - Wharton - Moved, that four rounds be played on Saturday in the Arizona State Scholastic Championships (where there are a total of seven rounds). PASSED 7-0-1 with Spencer Lower abstaining. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-09-010 - Wharton - The time control for rounds played on Saturday at the Arizona State Scholastic Championships shall be Game/45. PASSED 7-0-1 with Mark Ginsburg abstaining. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Next to be discussed was the more general question of whether or not to adjust times to compensate for time delay at all state scholastic events. Robby Adamson moved and Michael Reading seconded a motion to not adjust clocks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-09-011 - Adamson - Moved, that for the Arizona titled state scholastic championships five minutes shall not be subtracted from the time control when using time delay. PASSED 7-0-1 with Myron Lieberman abstaining. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- An action item was then agreed whereby Michael Reading will provide the Board with recommendations for trophies for the state scholastics for 2006 within one week. Michael Reading then moved that the current qualification rule of three qualifies five be changed to two qualifies four. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-09-012 - Reading - Change the current qualification rule from three qualifies five to two qualifies four. PASSED 7-0-1 with Myron Lieberman abstaining. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Next to be discussed was increasing the number of points needed to qualify a Junior High team from 2 points to three points. The Board was divided on this issue. Robby Adamson moved and Will Wharton seconded a motion to increase the required score from two to three points for JHS qualification, however it failed to pass with two in favor, three opposed, and three abstentions. Spencer Lower offered a compromise amendment, which was not accepted, that the number of points be raised to 2.5 rather than 3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2005-09-013 - Adamson - Moved, that we increase the number of points needed to qualify for a Junior High School section from two points to three points. FAILED 2-3-3 with Robby Adamson and Mark Ginsburg in favor, Myron Lieberman, Michael Reading, and Lynn Schucker opposed, and Albert Lemke, Spencer Lower, and Will Wharton abstaining. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Will Wharton suggested that due to the close vote, the subject should be brought to a vote of the entire Board. It was pointed out that anyone who voted in the majority (opposed to the motion) could bring the motion up for reconsideration by the Board via e-mail poll. Robby Adamson indicated that he would do so, however he did not vote in opposition to the motion. Note: There remain two possibilities for reconsideration. The first would be for the President to allow Will Wharton (who abstained although his arguments appeared to favor the motion) to bring it up for an e-mail poll. This would require Presidential approval, but since the President voted in opposition that may be hard to get. The second would be, if there is strong enough feeling, for me (Myron Lieberman) to move reconsideration by e-mail poll. I was and I remain solidly opposed to that motion or any motion that has the effect of reducing chess activity, however I would be willing to move reconsideration if nobody else does. If reconsideration passes, then a second poll would be taken of the entire Board on the motion itself. Robby Adamson then turned the discussion to the High School Section. Robby Adamson moved and Myron Lieberman seconded a motion that would allow teammates to play against each other if they have scores of at least +1. Robby Adamson then moved, and Lynn Schucker seconded, that the High School section be played in a separate room from the other sections. He then moved, and Michael Reading seconded, that the HS section consist of six rounds with a time control of Game/60 and a 5 second time delay. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-09-014 - Adamson - In the High School Section of the state scholastic championships, teammates can play against each other if they have at least a +1 score. PASSED 8-0. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-09-015 - Adamson - Moved, that the High School section in the state scholastic championships be played in a separate room. PASSED 7-1 with Spencer Lower opposed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-09-016 - Adamson - The High School section of the state scholastic championships will have six rounds at a time control of Game/60 with a 5 second time delay. PASSED 8-0. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item 12 on the advance agenda, which dealt with JV sections at the state scholastics, was not discussed. As it was the topic and not a specific motion that was on the agenda there was no motion to withdraw or table, so the topic can be brought up by anyone at any time as a new item. Next to be discussed was tiebreaks. After discussion, Will Wharton indicated that he would accept an action item to make a proposal regarding tiebreaks for an e-mail poll within one week (09/25/05). The state scholastic Coordinator position was next to be discussed. USCF lists a State Scholastic coordinator as a position for each state association and we need to let USCF know who that will be. Michael Reading had some ideas about what the functions of the State Scholastic Coordinator should be. The functions that ACFI expects of a whomever accepts that position need to be defined before anyone is named, so it would not seem reasonable to name a person before the job description is available. Michael Reading accepted an action item to propose a job description by no later than September 25 (one week). After the job description is approved, the person to fill the position will be named through an e-mail poll. Next to be discussed was the maintenance of contact information for USCF members in Arizona. While we can start from the USCF lists, they are incomplete because many people have asked that USCF not provide their information to third parties (this includes State Chapters). If we then obtain contact information from other sources for those who are not on the USCF list, we know that those people are sensitive to their privacy and we would need to get their permission and also disclose how we would use (or not use) the information. It was agreed that we need e-mail information as well as postal addresses, and these are not on the USCF lists. One possibility might be to put an area on the website where people who would like to be contacted by ACFI (without being spammed or having their information given or sold to others) could provide their e-mail information. Membership Officer Albert Lemke indicated that he would accept an action item to make a proposal to the Board. Myron Lieberman then brought up the recent communications with James Dawson regarding holding events at hotels that he names on dates that he names. Mr. Dawson and his organization, New Sports Marketing,made a big name for himself and New Sports Marketing in raising billiard tournaments into multimillion dollar events. A thorough review of the details indicated that while his offer of $10,000 to be given to the prize fund of these events was not viable for ACFI. The room night requirements for anything to be added to the prize fund were unrealistic for even most national chess events and there was nothing available towards expenses. Furthermore too much of a shortfall would have resulted in the ACFI having to pay him. He would have all of the control including a requirement for publicity that we would pay for but he would have final approval, a requirement that all players must stay at the hotel, not share rooms, etc. Mr. Dawson also offered a different plan where we would provide a USCF certified tournament director for him to host events and absorb the full profit or loss from the event. This was mentioned and is something that any organizer or TD can follow-up on their own. Please refer to my summary of his proposals that was e-mailed in July or contact me for more details if interested. Myron Lieberman moved and Spencer Lower seconded the following motion: 2005-09-017 - Lieberman - The ACFI Board has been presented with Mr. Dawson's offer and has declined to take action at this time. PASSED 8-0. President Michael Reading provided an update on his contact information after which the meeting was adjourned at 3:38 PM on a motion by Myron Lieberman.

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