The Arizona Chess Federation, Inc. 

Minutes of the May, 2004, ACFI Board Meeting

PROCEEDINGS OF THE MAY 2004 ACFI BOARD MEETING The meeting took place at 915 E. 7th St. in Mesa. Thanks to Steven Kamp and his staff for hosting the meeting. The election status, a summary of motions passed between meetings by e-mail poll, and the Treasurer’s report as of 4/28/04 are appended. President Will Wharton called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM on Sunday, May 23, 2004. Present were Robby Adamson, Steven Kamp, Myron Lieberman, Gary Moore, Michael Reading, Marty Schneider, Gavin Wharton, and Will Wharton. Spencer Lower, who was competing in the state championship, arrived at a later time. Rachel Lieberman was present as Assistant Secretary and Cindy Hawkinson, a candidate in the upcoming election, was present as a guest. The first item to be discussed was the naming of the Arizona state championship in recognition of Col. Paul Webb. This was originally submitted by objections procedure via e-mail. Spencer Lower had raised an objection, which automatically moved it to the agenda for this meeting. In his absence, the Secretary presented Spencer Lower’s objection during the discussion. 0504-01 (M. Lieberman): We rename the AZ State Chess Championship The Col. Paul Webb AZ State Chess Championship. PASSED 8 – 0 (S. Lower not present) Note: Myron Lieberman will write an article for the state website and newsletter. An attempt will be made to notify Col. Webb’s family as well. The election was the next topic of discussion. Myron Lieberman presented the Nominating Committee report which included the list of candidates nominated by ACFI for this year’s election. He noted that petitions were received from two additional candidates. Both have subsequently been certified to have a sufficient number of valid signatures, but neither included an e-mail address. The candidates will be certified to appear on the ballot once their e-mail addresses have been received and confirmed. The most recent listing will be appended to these minutes. Marty Schneider recommended that rather than doing the mailing ourselves, we utilize an organization to handle the printing and mailing. He indicated that Hansen Light Works was used for that purpose for the 2001 election and points out that the use of their bulk mailing permit helped reduce the costs considerably. He moved to use Hansen Light Works for the 2004 mailing. There were concerns expressed regarding using any specific organization without knowing their current policies or giving others a chance. Myron Lieberman offered compromise wording as a substitute, which Marty Schneider accepted. 0504-02 (M. Schneider, M. Lieberman): The Board will investigate the possibility of using a third party to handle the state mailing. Final arrangements are subject to approval by the Board. PASSED 8 – 0 (S. Lower not present) 0504-03 (W. Wharton): Move to put Myron Lieberman in charge of the newsletter and ballot. PASSED 7 – 0 –1 (S. Lower not present, M. Lieberman abstained) 0504-04 (R. Adamson, M. Lieberman): ACFI should obtain and maintain an active Post Office Box. Election materials should be sent to the box. PASSED 7 – 0 (S. Lower, G. Moore not present for the vote). Previously the Board had voted to consider alternate voting procedures, however a Bylaws change would be required to implement any changes and since there was not unanimity on a new procedure any suggested changes would need to be included on the ballot. Therefore the procedure for this election would remain as it is currently and Myron Lieberman will submit a proposal for bylaws changes to be included on the ballot and be effective for the next election. The status of ACFI as a non-profit organization was discussed. While ACFI is a non-profit, the IRS filing for 501c3 status was not completed due to lack of time on the part of volunteers. Steven Kamp will investigate the cost of filing for 501c3 status. Distribution of financial statements and proposals for holding events was next on the agenda. Extensive discussion followed. 0504-05 (R. Adamson): Move that financial statements that are submitted to the Treasurer following an event be open to inspection by any interested party on request. PASSED 6 – 1 – 1 (M. Schneider opposed, M. Lieberman abstained, S. Lower not present) 0504-06 (M. Reading): Move that proposals that are submitted to the Board be open to inspection by any interested party on request after the event has been awarded. PASSED 8 – 0 (S. Lower not present) Please note: Robby Adamson asked that the rationale for motions 5 and 6 be included in the minutes. He Provided the following rationale: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “The submission of a financial proposal for running ACFI title events, prior to the event, and a financial statement following the event serves 2 specific purposes: 1. ACFI is a non-profit corporation and individuals or organizations that submit proposals often are “for-profit.” Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to ACFI to ensure that proposals are reasonable. ACFI is not concerned if individuals or organizations submitting proposals ultimately make a profit. The responsibility of the ACFI board members is to make sure that the proposals submitted are reasonable. If no financial statement or proposal were required, ACFI, as a non-profit corporation, would be sharing profits with for profit-entities without knowledge of whether the proposals were reasonable. 2. ACFI seeks the highest quality events and encourages other organizers to submit proposals. New organizers would be greatly aided in determining whether the running of an ACFI event is even feasible given the financial situation of the group or individual submitting the proposal. New organizers or existing organizers may learn of a more efficient or less costly way of running an event based on looking at the proposals or financial statements of prior years. For example, a new organizer may want to see what is a reasonable site fee or reasonable fee to pay the tournament directing staff. If an organizer is able to secure a free site and thereby pass the savings along to the participants by charging a lower entry fee, then the event is made better.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0504-07 (R. Adamson): Any individual or organization submitting a proposal to ACFI must sign a statement that they are aware of and agree to all current ACFI rules including submission of a financial statement, payment of ACFI fees, and any other requirements as set forth by ACFI. PASSED 7 – 1 (M. Schneider opposed, S. Lower not present) The meeting recessed for a break from 11:37 AM to 11:41 AM. 0504-08 (G. Moore, R. Adamson, M. Lieberman): Failure to comply with current ACFI rules and regulations shall result in disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the Board, including, but not limited to, inability to have future proposals considered for future ACFI events. PASSED 8 – 0 (S. Lower not present) Next to be discussed was the qualifying system for the Denker and Polgar tournaments. 0504-09 (W. Wharton, M. Lieberman): The High School section of the Arizona State Scholastic Chess Championship shall be the qualifier for the Denker tournament. PASSED 8 – 0 (S. Lower not present) Please note: Originally the motion included qualification for the Polgar tournament as well, however motion 0504-11 provided clarified wording as regards qualification for the Polgar tournament. 0504-10 (R. Adamson): If the Champion of the AZ Scholastic High School Championship is not available, the runner-up shall be the Denker representative. PASSED 8 – 0 (S. Lower not present). Please note that the intent is that only the champion and runner-up are automatically chosen by this method. If neither can attend the Denker, our representative shall be determined by the Board and may or may not be the next in line from the Arizona Scholastic High School Championship. The qualification of a representative to the Polgar tournament was clarified since the Polgar tournament is only open to girls. Myron Lieberman framed a motion to cover this but abstained from the vote. 0504-11 (M. Lieberman): The female who finishes highest in the AZ Scholastic High School Championship shall be the Polgar representative. If that person is not available to attend, the representative shall be the next highest female finisher. PASSED 6 – 1 – 1 (M. Reading opposed, M. Lieberman abstained, S. Lower not present) Requirements for proposals for state tournaments were then considered. 0504-12 (G. Moore): The deadline for submission of proposals for the 2005 State Grades shall be June 15. PASSED 8 – 0 (S. Lower not present) 0504-13 (M. Schneider): The deadline for submission of proposals for the 2005 State Scholastics shall be July 15. PASSED 8 – 0 (S. Lower not present) 0504-14 (W. Wharton, M. Lieberman): Proposals will be evaluated and events awarded no later than one month after the deadline for submission of proposals. PASSED 8 – 0 (S. Lower not present) 0504-15 (R. Adamson): Proposals for the State Grades or State Scholastics must be submitted thirty days before the tournament in the previous cycle to the one you are proposing. PASSED 8 – 0 (S. Lower not present) Note: Will Wharton volunteered to coordinate the state website, but asked for input from Board members. Myron Lieberman indicated that he will have the games and results from the state championship tournament available for the website. Please note that he has subsequently provided the results, games, and some photos for use on the website, possible publication in the newsletter, and available via e-mail to anyone who would like them. Myron Lieberman had to leave the meeting to check on the tournament. The next item to be discussed was half point byes. 0504-16 (R. Adamson): Move to allow two half-point byes at the State Grades. PASSED 4 – 2 –1 (G. Moore, S. Kamp opposed; G. Wharton abstained; M. Lieberman, S. Lower not present) 0504-17 (M. Reading): At the eight round State Scholastics three half-point byes are acceptable as long as they are requested in advance. PASSED 6 – 0 – 1 (S. Kamp abstained; M. Lieberman, S. Lower not present) 0504-18 (M. Reading): Move that all five round Regional Qualifiers for the State Scholastics be limited to two half-point byes provided that they are requested prior to Round One. PASSED 6 – 1 (S. Kamp opposed; M. Lieberman, S. Lower not present) 0504-19 (W. Wharton): Move that upon reconsideration we allow Marty Schneider’s Regional to be rescheduled. PASSED 7 – 0 (M. Lieberman, S. Lower not present) At 1:06 PM Myron Lieberman and Spencer Lower joined the meeting. 0504-20 (G. Wharton): Move to change the Junior High Qualifying standard from three points to two points. PASSED 5 – 3 – 1 (S. Kamp, S. Lower, G. Moore opposed; M. Lieberman abstained) Note: Organizers are allowed to have additional sections in their events as long as they are so labeled. Will Wharton volunteered to help coordinate additional playing opportunities at events. 0504-21 (R. Adamson, M. Lieberman): The organizer of a Regional Qualifier may hold additional sections that are not qualifying sections as long as they are so labeled in all publicity. PASSED 5 – 1 - 3 (M. Schneider opposed; W. Wharton, S. Kamp, S. Lower abstained) 0504-22 (W. Wharton): Move that we award team trophies for the places where we give team recognition for K5 schools in the State Scholastics. PASSED 8 – 0 – 1 (S. Kamp abstained) 0504-23 (M. Lieberman): Eligibility for any K5 section or prize is to be determined by the composition of the team and not the structure of the school. PASSED 4 – 2 – 3 (R. Adamson, S. Lower opposed; W. Wharton, M. Schneider, Gary Moore abstained) 0504-24 (Board): Thanks to Steven Kamp for hosting the ACFI meeting and Col. Paul Webb AZ State Chess Championship. PASSED by acclamation 0504-25 (Board): Move to adjourn. PASSED 9 – 0 The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 PM. CURRENT ELECTION INFORMATION Nominating petitions have been received for the position of Maricopa Regional Representative from Mark Davis and Lynn Schucker. A sufficient number of valid signatures was verified on the petitions. Mark Davis has subsequently confirmed his e-mail address and will be added to the ballot. Lynn Schucker will be certified to be on the ballot as soon as she provides a valid e-mail address. She has until July 1 to do so. Lee LaFrese has indicated that unless one of the other candidates for Pima Regional Representative drops out, he wants to withdraw, so at this point the candidates for Pima Regional Representative are Robby Adamson and Mark Ginsburg. Those who wish to be candidates have until July 1, 2004, to file petitions. Each candidate is asked to provide a campaign statement for inclusion in the newsletter in which the ballots are distributed. Candidates have until Monday, August 16, 2004, to submit their campaign statements. Any proposed Bylaw amendments also need to be submitted by Monday, August 16, 2004. It is intended that the newsletter contain content of interest to Arizona's chess community in addition to the election materials. Calendars, club information, promotion, tournament results, etc. are welcome. Anyone who is willing to provide items of interest for inclusion also has until Monday, August 16, to submit their material. The newsletter will be ready to be printed and mailed by Monday, September 20. The Board has authorized the use of a professional service for printing and mailing, and bids or quotes are welcome. If you know of a provider of printing and mailing services that may be interested, please have them contact me as soon as possible. They will need to commit to our schedule. If a specific service is particularly good but needs more than the month that we have scheduled, we need to know their requirements and may alter the schedule if necessary. The newsletters are to be in the mail by Monday, October 18. Ballots are to be received at the ACFI Post Office Box no later than Monday, November 8, 2004, and will be counted in public on Saturday, November 20, at a location to be announced in the newsletter. Please address any questions to Myron Lieberman at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CANDIDATES FOR ACFI BOARD AND NOTICE OF RIGHT TO PETITION The ACFI Nominating Committee has reported the official list of nominations for the upcoming election. All on the list will be on the ballot. Other nominees have the right to petition to be listed on the ballot. The Bylaws can be found on the ACFI web page at Article IV should answer most questions regarding the positions available, their responsibilities, and the election process. NOMINATING PETITIONS Anyone who is not on the ACFI official list of nominees can be added to the ballot by personally submitting a petition to the Chair of the ACFI Nominating Committee per Article IV Section 4.3 of the ACFI Bylaws. Such petitions are to be received by the Chair of the Nominating Committee no later than July 1, 2004. Petitions must be submitted directly to Myron Lieberman either in person or by registered postal mail. Online or email submission is not acceptable per Article IV Section 4.3. Contact Myron Lieberman at for more information. The petitions must contain the printed names and signatures of at least twelve Arizona residents who are current USCF members. Include USCF ID number for verification. There is no age limit to those who sign the petitions, only to the candidates themselves. The petitions must also provide contact information for the nominee. The nominee must originate or sign at least one petition for his or her candidacy to validate any petitions for his or her candidacy. Please note that all candidates must be adult current USCF members who reside in Arizona. All candidates, including incumbents, must keep their USCF membership current. As the Board communicates primarily by email, candidates must have access to email and their email addresses must be made known to the Board. Please note - email addresses are not sold or given to any third parties and they will not be used for spamming, however Board discussions are usually copied to all Board members. Petitions for nominees who do not meet those requirements will not be accepted. CANDIDATES AS OF JUNE 1, 2004 Nominations that have been presented for inclusion on the ballot by the Nominating Committee will be marked so as to distinguish them from names added to the ballot by petition. Names for each position will be listed in alphabetical order on the ballot. Write ins will also be allowed. Please note: Names marked with * are incumbents in the same position on the current Board. Names marked with ** are current Board members in different positions. President (on ballot in all regions) Vote for one: Michael Reading** Dave Small Vice President (on ballot in all regions) Vote for one. Steven Kamp** Secretary (on ballot in all regions) Vote for one. Myron Lieberman* Treasurer (on ballot in all regions) Vote for one. Willa Cree Jennifer Shacter* Membership Officer (on ballot in all regions) Vote for one Al Lemke Marty Schneider* The above five officers will be on the ballot in all regions and are elected statewide. The Immediate Past President position automatically goes to the current President. No election is required. Immediate Past President - Automatic - not on ballot - Will Wharton** Regional Representatives - Each of the three regions (Region 1 = Maricopa County and Central AZ, Region 2 = Pima County and Southern AZ, and Region 3 = the rest of the state) are entitled to two Regional Representatives. They are elected only by voters in their own region. The two highest vote-getters in each region become the Regional Representatives for that region. The highest vote getter gets first right of refusal for being the Scholastic Coordinator for the Region. Please note that the references to Maricopa and Pima Counties really refer to Central and Southern Arizona playing areas rather than literally dependent on residence in the specific county. Region 1 – Maricopa Regional Representative (Regional voting only) Vote for TWO Dean Cullen Mark Davis (petition - certified) Cindy Hawkinson Leo Lacrimosa Lynn Schucker (petition – pending confirmation of e-mail address) Robert Tanner Region 2 – Pima Regional Representative (Regional voting only) Vote for TWO Robby Adamson** Mark Ginsburg Region 3 – Rest of Arizona (Regional voting only) Vote for TWO Spencer Lower* Gary Moore* MOTIONS PASSED BY E-MAIL POLL Please note: Results of polls that concern the timing and location of physical meetings or similar internal decisions are generally not included here. 09/01/03 – Poll to eliminate K-5 section in State Pre-High - 6 in favor (Robby Adamson, Shirley Cox, Lee Lafrese, Gary Moore, Jennifer Shacter, and Marty Schneider - 2 opposed (Gavin Wharton and Will Wharton - 3 abstain (Steven Kamp, Myron Lieberman, and Spencer Lower) - PASSED 09/17/03 - Poll to allow $15 registration fee for 2004 State Grades – 8 in favor (Robby Adamson, Shirley Cox, Myron Lieberman, Spencer Lower, Michael Reading, Marty Schneider, Gavin Wharton, Will Wharton) 2 opposed (Lee Lafrese, Jennifer Shacter) 2 no reply or receipt received - PASSED 09/26/03 – Poll on Awards at State Championships – "All participants in the Arizona Scholastic State Championships who score six points or more will be awarded a trophy; all who score 5.5 and are not awarded a trophy shall be awarded a medal." - In Favor – 9 Opposed – 0, Abstain - 1 (Lee LaFrese), Not voting - 1 (Spencer Lower), Received no receipt or vote - 1 (Gary Moore). PASSED 10/08/03 – Poll on “Teams for K-6 in the Arizona Scholastic Championships shall consist of five players” – 9 in favor, 1 opposed (Gavin), 2 abstentions (Will and Spencer) - PASSED 10/08/03 – Poll to not require return receipts on polls – 10 in favor, 2 abstentions (Robby and Jennifer) - PASSED 10/17/03 – Poll on HS team size between 3 or 4 players (Runoff after straw polls confirmed 4 player teams.) STRAW POLL ON HS TEAM SIZE 3 Player teams – 2 with three as only choice (Robby, Steven), 3 with three as first choice and four as second choice (Lee, Jennifer, Shirley) 4 Player teams - 4 with four as first choice (Gary, Gavin, Myron, Will) 5 Player teams - 3 with five as only choice (Marty, Michael, Spencer) 10/28/03 – Poll on team sizes for K-1, K-3, and K-8 – K-1 - 8 votes for 4 players, 3 abstentions (Myron, Spencer, Gary), K-3 - 5 votes for 4 players, 3 votes for 5 players (Shirley, Lee, Steven), 3 abstentions (Myron, Spencer, Gary) K-8 - 7 votes for 4 players, 3 abstentions (Myron, Spencer, Gary) 1 not voting (Gavin) Tthe team size for all teams (including HS) except K-6 is 4 players, with K-6 being 5 players. 11/19/03 – Poll on procedure for awarding events – Motion: “The competitive bidding process be abandoned and replaced by a process which seeks expressions of interest in running AZ title tournaments. Details about this system to be worked out by committee, presented to the board for approval and published on the website. These details should include a calendar of dates by which expressions of interest should be made. If none are made it becomes an ACFI responsibility to seek organizers and I believe we should have a short list of priority title events which we will seek organizers for annually, if necessary.” – YES - Robby, Steven, Myron, Gary, Jennifer NO - Spencer, Marty PASSED 5-2. 12/08/03 – Poll on allowing qualifiers for the 2004 state scholastic championships to be held the Saturday before state. – YES - Robby, Myron, Gary, Michael, Jennifer, Will; NO – Steven - PASSED – 6 -1. 12/22/03 – Naming of USCF Delegates for Arizona – The following is the ordered list of candidates for Arizona USCF Delegates and Alternates for 2005 - 2006 that is being officially submitted by the Arizona Chess Federation, Inc. (ACFI . --------------------------------------------------------- Spencer R. Lower Dave Small Robert B. Tanner Steven M. Kamp Martin L. Schneider Cynthia A. Hawkinson Michael E. Reading William A. Wharton Lee C. LaFrese --------------------------------------------------------- 02/10/2004 – Poll on Original players having first right of refusal in the rescheduled State Championship. – Motion: “The following players, having been willing to play, and having been prepared to play, in the championship event that was canceled (through no fault of their own) will have a right to compete for the state championship on May 21-23 if they so choose. Vacancies in the six player field are to be filled in rating order from the April 2004 rating list. Announcements will be posted on the ACFI website and attempts will be made to inform all players who are rated above 2100 in the February USCF rating list. Those players who have first right of refusal are Rogelio Barcenilla, Mark Ginsburg, Danny Rensch, Pieta Garrett, and Steve Stubenrauch. PASSED 5-0 as follows: YES - Steven Kamp, Myron Lieberman, Spencer Lower, Michael Reading, Marty Schneider ABSTAIN - Robby Adamson, Jennifer Shacter, Will Wharton Vote not received from: Shirley Cox, Lee Lafrese, Gary Moore, Gavin Wharton 02/10/04 - Other motions regarding the state championship - The following motions PASSED by objections procedure: 1. The event will be played on the weekend of May 23. 2. The total prize fund will be a minimum of $1000. 3. All players with USCF ratings of 2100 or above should be notified of the event in the near future with the understanding that the ratings on the April 2004 list will be the order of invitation (with a possible exception mentioned below). Any player who is interested in competing should notify Steven Kamp no later than April 15. The six highest rated players (based on the April 2004 USCF rating supplement) who have agreed to participate by April 15 will be the candidates. If anyone objects to the dates, please propose specific alternatives. It is still an open question as to whether those players who have agreed to the February date should have first right of refusal. I believe that they should in order to be fair, but that is still an open question and not covered one way or the other in these terms. 4. In the event fewer than six players rated above 2100 express their interest by April 15, ACFI can locate an alternate(s) who may or may not meet the rating limitation. 5. In the event more than six players rated above 2100 express their interest by April 15, those who are not in the top 6 by rating will become alternates. 02/23/04 - Poll to put the following wording into the announcement of the state championship: "The prize fund shall total a minimum of $1000, with $300 ($20/point) to be awarded as point money to all players based on score in addition to any place prize that each player might win. The balance of the prize fund (a minimum of $700) shall be awarded as place prizes to be structured by the participants in person at the player's meeting to be held 30 minutes prior to the start of Round 1." PASSED 6-1-1. Yes - Robby Adamson, Steven Kamp, Myron Lieberman, Gary Moore, Michael Reading, Marty Schneider; No - Spencer Lower; Abstain - Will Wharton. 03/04/04 – Poll on alternative election procedures. " Revise Article IV Section 4.3 of the ACFI Bylaws to change "between three (3) and four (4) months before it mails the ballots to the membership" to "no later than five (5) months before the ballots are to be counted. Revise Article IV Section 4.3 to replace "the ACFI official publication" with "an ACFI official publication." Revise Article IV Section 4.3 to replace "no later than twenty (20) days before the Nominating Committee mails the ballots to the membership." with "no later than twenty (50) days before the ballots are to be counted." Change the numbering of the existing 4.4 to 4.4.1 Create an Article IV Section 4.4 which would say “The default method of balloting is by mail of ballots to the membership as described in Section 4.4.1, however by at least a 2/3 vote of the ACFI Nominating Committee and at least a 2/3 vote of the ACFI Board, the ACFI Nominating Committee may choose to (A) hold the election at a physical location, such as at a tournament or a special meeting called for that purpose as described in Section 4.4.2, or (B) allow secure voting on the ACFI website. The ACFI Nominating Committee by at least a 2/3 vote with ACFI Board approval may also choose to allow voters to individually request mail ballots if they are unable to attend a physical meeting. Instant messaging, email, and other non-secure online methods may not be used.” Add Sections 4.4.2 to describe on-site voting and 4.4.3 to allow secure online voting.” The motion was WITHDRAWN after it became evident that it did not have the unanimous support of the Board. ACFI Financial Statement: January 1, 2004 – April 28, 2004 Explanation Income Expense­­ Balance Forward (January 1, 2004) $ 4967.38 Myron Lieberman $ 35.01 1/7/04 ck. #1119 re: flowers for Denis Barry Great Dane Multi-e-Media $ 200.00 2/13/04 ck. #1120 re: 1 Year of hosting including domain registration American Chess Events $ 550.50 2/13/04 367 players @ $1.50/player re: AZ School Grade Championships, held January 4, 2004 Arizona Corporation Commission $ 10.00 4/10/04 ck. #1121 re: Annual Filing Fee American Chess Events $ 500.00 4/20/04 ck. # 1122 re: 2004 AZ State Championship United States Chess Federation $ 40.00 4/28/04 ck. #1123 re: Affiliate Fee ____________________________________________________________________________________ Income/Expense Totals $ 5517.88 $ 785.01 Current Checking Account Balance = $ 4732.87 Respectfully submitted by Jennifer K. Shacter, ACFI Treasurer

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