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Minutes of the September, 2002, ACFI Board Meeting

PROCEEDINGS OF THE 09/15/02 ACFI BOARD MEETING The 09/15/02 ACFI Board meeting was held on Sunday, September 15, 2002, in two locations. Steven Kamp hosted the central group, which included Marty Schneider and Gary Moore from the north. The southern group was hosted by Lee LaFrese in Tucson and was connected to the central meeting location via telephone. The Board expressed appreciation to both hosts. Board members in attendance in person or by telephone included President Will Wharton, Vice President Michael Reading, Secretary Myron Lieberman, Treasurer Jennifer Shacter (arrived late, missed some votes), Immediate Past President Robby Adamson, and Regional Representatives Shirley Cox (arrived late, missed some votes), Steven Kamp, Lee LaFrese, Gary Moore, Marty Schneider (arrived late, but in time for all votes), and Gavin Wharton. Spencer Lower was not present. Rachel Lieberman was present as assistant to the Secretary. Spectators present for the meeting at the central location were Cindy Hawkinson, Scott Freneaux, Gary Stephenson, and Robert Tanner. Thanks to all for their interest. The meeting was called to order at 10:13AM by President Will Wharton. REVIEW OF CHESS EMPORIUM STATUS The first item discussed was a review of the status of the Chess Emporium. This involved two issues from the April 2002 ACFI Board meeting held in Flagstaff. The first was that the 2003 Arizona Pre High would not be awarded to the Chess Emporium (ACFI 0402-16). The second was that no regional qualifiers would be awarded to the Chess Emporium for the State Pre High in 2003 (ACFI 0402-17). It was determined that the question of regional qualifiers would be considered first. During discussion Scott Freneaux agreed to take the word “State” out of the title of the Governor’s Cup. It was noted that some regionals held by the Chess Emporium have had a two-tier structure that included a Championship section for children who have already qualified. Scott Freneaux stated that he was not trying to circumvent the process and would be compliant with ACFI's guidelines.. The following motion was proposed by Robby Adamson and seconded by Gavin Wharton: ACFI 0902-01 (Adamson): Move to reconsider ACFI 0402-17 (No regional qualifier shall be awarded to the Chess Emporium for the State Pre-High in 2003). PASSED 7-2 (Adamson, LaFrese, Lieberman, Reading, Schneider, G. Wharton, and W. Wharton in favor: Kamp, Moore opposed) The next motion was proposed by Myron Lieberman and seconded by Gavin Wharton: ACFI 0902-02 (Lieberman): Move to rescind ACFI 0402-17 (No regional qualifier shall be awarded to the Chess Emporium for the State Pre-High in 2003) PASSED 7-2-1 (Adamson, LaFrese, Lieberman, Reading, Shacter, G. Wharton, and W. Wharton in favor; Kamp, Moore opposed; Schneider abstained). The third motion was proposed by Will Wharton and seconded by Robby Adamson: ACFI 0902-03 (W. Wharton): Move to reconsider ACFI 0402-16 (The 2003 Arizona Pre-High shall not be awarded to the Chess Emporium). PASSED UNANIMOUSLY (Cox and Lower not present) The fourth motion was proposed by Michael Reading and seconded by Myron Lieberman: ACFI 0902-04 (Reading): Move to rescind ACFI 0402-16 (The 2003 Arizona Pre-High shall not be awarded to the Chess Emporium). PASSED 9-0-1 (Adamson, Kamp, LaFrese, Lieberman, Moore, Reading, Shacter, G. Wharton, W. Wharton in favor; Schneider abstained) The effect of these four motions is to enable the Chess Emporium to have equal status with other organizers in bidding for the 2003 Pre-High or regional qualifiers. A break was called at 10:50 AM and the meeting resumed at 11:00 AM. PRESENTATION OF BIDS FOR 2003 PRE-HIGH/ PROCEDURE FOR ACCEPTANCE OF BIDS Scott Freneaux on behalf of the Chess Emporium, Judge George Anagnost, and the City of Peoria; Steven Kamp on behalf of American Chess Events; and Robert Tanner on behalf of the Gilbert Unified School District and the Gilbert Parents’ Chess Association submitted and presented bids. The order of presentation of bids was determined by the drawing of lots. The process for voting on bids was discussed. There was some discussion as to whether or not bids could be changed after submission and whether or not there was a need for secrecy in the discussion and vote. It was agreed that bids could not be changed after submission. Marty Schneider proposed the following motion, seconded by Steven Kamp, with a friendly amendment added by Myron Lieberman, which was accepted: "Move that an open vote on bids submitted shall be held by email in one week. Until the vote is taken, discussion shall continue to be open." "Public was subsequently changed to "private" by a poll of the Board. There was consideration as to whether or not bidders should be included in Board discussions. Steven Kamp recused himself from all Board discussion or voting so that the bids could be considered on an equal basis. Michael Reading stated that there was no need for secrecy while Robby Adamson requested a secret ballot vote. Myron Lieberman pointed out that the USCF Board discusses bids in closed session and votes on them in open session. Marty Schneider accepted an amendment to make the vote private, but this brought up the issue of private to whom. Steven Kamp requested that there be no vote tally and that the bids simply be indicated as having passed or failed. Myron Lieberman spoke against that idea. Will Wharton took a straw poll on private vs. public for the discussions. Results were as follows: Private: Adamson, Kamp, Moore, Shacter (4 votes) Public: Reading, Schneider (2 votes) Abstain: LaFrese, Lieberman, G. Wharton, W. Wharton (4 votes) A roll call vote was taken on the final motion, which was worded by Myron Lieberman and seconded by Will Wharton: ACFI 0902-05 (Lieberman): Moved, that the vote shall be private, by email, and completed by September 23, 2002. Discussion is in order during that time. Results are to be made known as a motion sponsored by and supported by the Board. PASSED 9-1 (Adamson, Kamp, LaFrese, Lieberman, Moore, Schneider, Shacter, G. Wharton, W. Wharton in favor; Reading opposed) At this time, Robert Tanner, Steven Kamp, and Scott Freneaux presented their bids in that order. A question and answer period followed each presentation. Bids were passed out to the central group and will be emailed or faxed to the Tucson group (note: This has been done.). Steven Kamp specified that his bid was dependent on a Fire Marshall agreeing to the venue and that he should have an answer by Wednesday. Scott Freneaux stated that if he is awarded the bid, the event will not be called the Governor’s Cup and there would be no Governor’s Cup held in 2003. Please note: Steven Kamp withdrew his bid on Tuesday, September 17, citing venue problems. As he is no longer a bidder he will be included in the discussion and voting. Please note: After extensive discussion the following motion was passed via an e-mail poll: Board - The Chess Emporium bid for the 2003 pre-high is accepted contingent upon the signing of a contract which will include substantially all details set forth in the bid submitted by Scott Freneaux for the Chess Emporium and those agreed to by Scott Freneaux at the September, 2002, ACFI Board meeting. The event is not to be held on Easter weekend. The preferred date was the first weekend in April, which has since been confirmed as the date of the tournament. At the end of the presentations the Board, with a round of applause, thanked the bidders. A break was called at 12:10PM. The meeting resumed at 12:20 PM. Immediately following the break, Michael Reading asked Scott Freneaux for the record whether he would support ACFI and the State Championship every year going forward regardless of whether or not he was awarded the bid. Scott Freneaux agreed to do this. At this time, the spectators left and Shirley Cox arrived. Scott Freneaux thanked the group for reviewing his bid. BID FOR STATE GRADES At this time Lee LaFrese presented the SACA bid for the 2003 Arizona Grade Championship, copies of which had been emailed to the Board. Will Wharton proposed the following motion, seconded by Myron Lieberman: ACFI 0902-06 (W. Wharton): Move to accept the SACA bid for the 2003 Grade Championship PASSED 10-0-1 (Adamson, Cox, Kamp, Lieberman, Moore, Reading, Schneider, Shacter, G. Wharton, W. Wharton in favor; LaFrese abstained) STATUS OF DENKER QUALIFIER The status of the Denker Qualifier was the next item discussed. It was noted that no bids had been received as of this time. Marty Schneider volunteered the use of the Sedona Library as a site and stated that there is space for over 100 players. He was thanked for this offer. It was suggested that the Denker Qualifier be held at the Pre High or the State Grade as a separate tournament with a separate Director. Lee LaFrese volunteered to hold the event as part of the State Grade Championship. A discussion followed regarding funding for the winner to go to the Denker at the 2003 US Open (in Los Angeles, CA). Steven Kamp noted that in the past he has organized the Denker Qualifier and provided funding for the winner. Lee LaFrese stated that he would have to raise the entry fee to help provide funding for the winner. The next motion was proposed by Myron Lieberman and seconded by Gavin Wharton: ACFI 0902-07 (Lieberman): Move that the High School section of the State Grade be the Denker Qualifier subject to an acceptable bid being submitted by October 1, 2002. PASSED 9-0-2 (Adamson, Cox, Lieberman, Moore, Reading, Schneider, Shacter, G. Wharton, W. Wharton in favor; Kamp, LaFrese abstained) TREASURER’S REPORT At this time Treasurer Jennifer Shacter read the Treasurer’s Report into the record. All transactions that took place during the period from January 1 – September 13, 2002 were noted. The checkbook balance stands at $2902.88. A copy of the Treasurer's Report is appended to these minutes. Myron Lieberman proposed the following motion, which was seconded by Michael Reading: ACFI 0902-08 (Lieberman): Move to accept the Treasurer’s Report. PASSED 10-0-1 (Adamson, Cox, Kamp, LaFrese, Lieberman, Moore, Reading, Schneider, G. Wharton, W. Wharton in favor; Shacter abstained. Jennifer Shacter thanked the Board. Following the Treasurer’s Report, Treasurer Jennifer Shacter left the meeting. SCHOLASTIC GUIDELINES President Will Wharton requested that the each member of the Board read and provide feedback on the suggested Scholastic Guidelines that he had written and emailed to the group prior to the meeting. It was noted that the Scholastic Guidelines are a work in progress. CLUB TEAMS AT STATE PRE HIGH The next item discussed was club teams at the State Pre High. Will Wharton noted the definition of a club team as a team of players that play together in a club environment and have no chess team at their school. Discussion centered on the fact that some groups have formed club teams rather than school teams and wherever possible school teams are preferred. Club teams should be teams that could not play otherwise. Will Wharton offered the following motion, which was second by Steven Kamp and taken by roll call vote: ACFI 0902-09 (W. Wharton): Move to eliminate club teams from state scholastic title events. PASSED 7-2-1 (Adamson, Cox, Kamp, Moore, Reading, G. Wharton, W. Wharton in favor; LaFrese, Schneider opposed; Lieberman abstained) Note: Gavin Wharton suggested as a friendly amendment that members of club teams be allowed to participate in scholastic events but be paired as individuals rather than teams. The maker of the motion did not accept this amendment. No vote was taken. A proposal that there be a minimum and maximum size and number of trophies was discussed. The sense of the Board was that there should be minimum requirements, but organizers should have flexibility regarding maximums. Guidelines already exist for numbers of awards. Myron Lieberman proposed the following motion, seconded by Michael Reading: ACFI 0902-10 (Lieberman): Move to add a minimum size requirement (for awards) to the Scholastic Guidelines. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY (Note: No maximum size requirement is to be established at this time.) ADULT STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Michael Reading, Chairman of the State Championship Committee, informed the Board that he has found a person (Dave Small) interested in holding the event. Dave Small has a new idea for how players should qualify for the event. Michael Reading stated that he would email Dave Small's proposal to the Board for discussion and an email vote on the 2003 AZ State Championship. It was determined that it was too late in the year to plan for 2002. BYLAWS Will Wharton called for an email poll on approval of the revised Bylaw wording, which has been emailed to the Board, no later than September 23. CLEARINGHOUSE AND SCHEDULE The issue of what constitutes a conflict and what should be done about conflicts was next to be discussed. The All America Cup and the Best of Phoenix were used as an example of a conflict, where two potentially large events with similar formats are being held on the same weekend. It was noted that organizers should check the posted schedule and communicate with each other and the Clearinghouse to avoid conflict. Gary Moore noted that this should have been discussed with Scott Freneaux and Robert Tanner present. Myron Lieberman asked Gary Moore if he would be willing to serve as the State Clearinghouse. Gary Moore indicated a willingness to do so if needed. Myron Lieberman pointed out that the ACFI state schedule website should include as many events as possible, including those held frequently at clubs, etc., even if they are on the same weekend as other events, however special events or those expected to draw a large number of players should be called to the attention of the organizers. If the organizers do not resolve the conflict, the Board should be informed. Will Wharton suggested that discussion take place between organizers and the Board. Steven Kamp noted that he would be talking to Scott Freneaux next week to try to resolve specific conflicts between their events. Marty Schneider suggested that Robert Tanner, Scott Freneaux, and all major organizers should be invited to the next Board meeting. It was suggested that the organizers choose which of their events should be considered as constituting a conflict if on the same weekend as another substantial event. Gavin Wharton proposed the following motion, which was seconded by Myron Lieberman: ACFI 0902-11 (G. Wharton): Move to send an email out to major Organizers in the state of Arizona asking them to list the tournaments that they want to protect from conflict in 2003. The list is to be sent to the Secretary, who will send it to the rest of the Board. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY (Adamson, Cox, LaFrese no longer connected) Note: An email has been sent to the Board and to John and Pat Fitch, Scott Freneaux, the GPCA, Steven Kamp, Lee LaFrese, Michael Reading, Pedro Saenz, Marty Schneider, Dave Small, Robert Tanner, and Ed Yetman, which asked them to list events to be protected. Please feel free to forward that email to anyone else who might be appropriate. Will Wharton moved to adjourn the meeting at 1:50PM but there was still some discussion regarding the bidding process. At 1:55 Gavin Wharton proposed adjournment. Will Wharton seconded the motion. ACFI 0902-12 (G. Wharton): Move to adjourn. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY. Following adjournment the discussion regarding bidding and hotels continued. Marty Schneider stated that it will be very difficult to hold events in the north now because hotels have become more expensive since groups have become larger, and funding is needed up front. It was noted that the central location can accommodate the greatest number of players and is reasonably well located to both the north and south. Respectfully submitted, Myron Lieberman ACFI Secretary --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TREASURER'S REPORT Financial Statement: January 1, 2002 – September 13, 2002 Explanation Income Expense­­ Balance Forward (January 1, 2002) $ 1438.38 Arizona Chess Central $ 15.00 1/5/02 Donation Southern Arizona Chess Association (SACA) $ 571.50 1/9/02 381 players @ $1.50/player re: AZ School Grade Championships Arizona Chess Central $ 30.00 1/30/02 20 players @ $1.50/player re: AZ State High School Championship/Denker Qualifier ASU Chess Club $ 33.00 2/8/02 22 players @ $1.50/player re: Bughouse State Championship Myron Lieberman $ 38.00 3/25/02 ck. #1112 re: 12 Month P.O. Box Rental Arizona Corporation Commission $ 10.00 4/4/02 ck. #1113 re: Annual Filing Fee Marty Schneider $ 903.00 4/8/02 602 players @ $1.50/player re: AZ Scholastic Pre-High (K-8/9) Championship United States Chess Federation (USCF) $ 40.00 5/1/02 ck. #1114 re: Annual Affiliate Fee ______________________________________________________________________________________ Income/Expense Totals $ 2990.88 $ 88.00 Current Checking Account Balance = $ 2902.88 Respectfully submitted by Jennifer K. Shacter, ACFI Treasurer ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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