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Minutes of the April, 2002, ACFI Board Meeting

PROCEEDINGS OF THE 04/06/02 ACFI MEETING The ACFI Board met on April 6, 2002 at the Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona. The meeting was held in conjunction with the Arizona Pre High Scholastic State Chess Championship. Special thanks go to Marty Schneider for organizing the tournament and to the Gilbert team for use of their team room. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM. The following Board members attended: President Will Wharton, Vice President Michael Reading, Secretary Myron Lieberman, Membership Officer Marty Schneider, Immediate Past President Robby Adamson, and Members At Large Steven Kamp, Gavin Wharton, Spencer Lower, and Gary Moore. Member At Large Shirley Cox was not present at roll call but arrived later. Treasurer Jennifer Shacter was not present but submitted a Treasurer’s Report. Member At Large Lee Lafrese was not present. It was noted that there was a quorum present. Both Lee Lafrese and Jennifer Shacter reported in advance that they would be unable to attend. Will Wharton reported that he is still working on the bylaws and invited feedback from the Board. A brief discussion followed on the need to keep the bylaws current. Spencer Lower resigned his Committee Chairmanships and proposed the following motion: ACFI 0402-01 (Lower) Move that Tom Wayman and Michael Reading be named members of the AZ State Championship Committee. PASSED 8-0-1 (Reading abstained, Cox not present) Will Wharton proposed: ACFI 0402-02 (Wharton): Michael Reading is named Chairman of the State Championship Committee. PASSED 9-0 (Cox not present). Steven Kamp introduced the topic of the 2004 National High School Championship, for which ACFI had approved bidding. He would like to hold the tournament in downtown Tucson. It was noted that the USCF would have all concessions and that the success of any tournament depends on its volunteers. It was the consensus of the Board to accept Steven Kamp’s report with thanks. Myron Lieberman introduced the topic of the ACFI website. He indicated that Dave Small of Chess Arizona USA now has a website on which includes a schedule of events for Arizona. He pointed out that it may be confusing to the players to have two separate sites on which to look for Arizona Chess Events. Dave Small indicated a willingness to host the official ACFI calendar of events. Myron Lieberman noted that his Arizona schedule website contains information only without graphics and is simply a list that can be browsed or searched for key words using any web browser. Dave Small’s website contains professional graphics and a built-in search engine. It can contain a wider variety of information but it cannot be browsed for events. It requires a keyword search. The ACFI site currently links to Myron Lieberman's site as he is the official Tournament Conflict Clearinghouse. He indicated that he was not advocating any position. He was willing to continue maintaining the official calendar or let Dave Small's site maintain the official calendar. He pointed out that the Clearinghouse can delegate the maintenance of the schedule to anyone, so that wasn't an issue. Steve Kamp proposed: ACFI 0402-03 (Kamp): Myron Lieberman shall keep the official Arizona calendar website for the present time. PASSED 9-0-1 (Lieberman abstained, Cox present) Requirements for bids were discussed. Myron Lieberman suggested that deadline dates for bids for recurring ACFI events should be posted on the state schedule website. Will Wharton so moved. ACFI 0402-04 (Wharton): Moved, that deadline dates (for bids) for recurring ACFI events be added to the tournament calendar website. PASSED 10-0 The Board determined that current requirements should be defined and put on the ACFI website. A straw poll was taken. There was unanimous support in favor of posting requirements and instructions for bidding on the ACFI website. Scholastic issues were discussed next. Rotation of the State Grade was the first item on the scholastic agenda. Lee Lafrese had asked to be on record as favoring rotation of the State Grade at the proper time in the cycle. Robby Adamson proposed that the State Grade Championship and Pre High not be held in the same region in the same year. Will Wharton made a substitute motion that the event be open for bids and that the first consideration be that it be held in a region other than that holding the Pre High that scholastic year. It was noted that the tournament due to rotate is the Pre High and that the State Grade should be open to bids. After much discussion, Will Wharton accepted the following motion as a substitute: ACFI 0402-05 (Lieberman): The State Grade is open for bid but will not be held in the same region as the Pre High unless no acceptable bid from another region is accepted. PASSED 8-2 (Kamp, Reading opposed) Secretary Myron Lieberman was given a bid from the Gilbert Parents Chess Association for the 2003 Pre High. It was noted that Steven Kamp also plans to bid on this event. The deadline for bids is July 1. As the previous procedure had a Scholastic Championship Subcommittee to decide bids, and the current structure does not include that subcommittee, the procedure for awarding bids was discussed. Robby Adamson moved that the entire Board should decide bids. ACFI 0402-06 (Adamson): For all ACFI affiliated events, scholastic and non-scholastic, bids shall be voted on by the entire ACFI Board. PASSED 9-1 (Kamp opposed) It was the consensus of the Board that those individuals affected should remove themselves from the vote. Bidding requirements were reviewed. It was noted that the site should be adequate and that regulations call for a certain number of square feet per player. A committee was formed to further analyze bidding requirements and report back: ACFI 0402-07 (W. Wharton): Marty Schneider, Robby Adamson, Michael Reading, and Will Wharton (named later) are named on a committee (to study bidding requirements), with the Chair to be determined by the committee. The committee shall report back to the Board by 05/31/02. PASSED 9-0-1 (Kamp abstained) Myron Lieberman in his role as Secretary requested that Steven Kamp and Robert Tanner (for the Gilbert Parents Chess Association) submit machine-readable bids by 07/01/02. Note: Robert Tanner was present as a spectator at the meeting. The next item discussed was the AZ Pre High School State Championships. Will Wharton proposed that the name be changed to the AZ State Pre High Scholastic Championships (leaving out the word “school”). The motion voted on was as follows: ACFI 0402-08 (Lieberman): The name of the tournament shall be the AZ Pre High Scholastic State Chess Championships. PASSED 10-0 There was some discussion involving the merits of a k section (representing a change) vs. a k-1 section. The Board felt that kindergartners should have their own section: ACFI 0402-09 (W. Wharton): The sections for the AZ Pre High Scholastic State Chess Championships shall be k etc., rather than k-1 etc. PASSED 10-0 The next issue discussed was whether the tournament should be a k-9 tournament. It was noted that this is a Pre High School event and some high schools start at grade nine, while others start at grade ten. The Board was split and extensive discussion evolved. Some felt that the current system (9th graders qualify if they are in a JH or Middle School, but not in High School) was the most equitable. Others considered that arbitrary and wanted uniform treatment of 9th Graders. They felt that 9th Graders should all be treated the same regardless of the nature of the school. Many reasons were provided for wanting the pre-high to be either all K-8 or all K-9. ACFI 0402-10 (Adamson): The Junior High School section shall be open to k-8 students only. FAILED 4-5-1 (W. Wharton, Adamson, G. Wharton, Cox in favor; Reading Lieberman, Schneider, Lower, Moore opposed; Kamp abstained) ACFI 0402-11 (Adamson): All ninth graders are allowed to participate in that section. FAILED 4-5-1 (W. Wharton, Adamson, G. Wharton, Cox in favor; Reading Lieberman, Schneider, Lower, Moore opposed; Kamp abstained) Qualifying scores were then discussed. Will Wharton moved that a player could only qualify one spot. Michael Reading proposed that a coach be allowed to make a substitute if a player does not participate. Will Wharton did not accept this change. ACFI 0402-12 (W. Wharton): A player can only qualify for one slot. PASSED 5-2-3 (W. Wharton, Schneider, Adamson, G. Wharton, Cox in favor; Reading, Moore opposed; Lieberman, Kamp, Lower abstained) The next item concerned the number of regionals that can be run. At this time an organizer may run at most two regionals. Will Wharton moved that the restriction on the number of regionals an organizer can run be eliminated. ACFI 0402-13 (W. Wharton): Eliminate the requirement that an organizer can run at most two regional qualifiers. PASSED 10-0 Please note that at this time the Treasurer’s Report was distributed. It is appended to these proceedings. ACFI 0402-14 (Lower): The Treasurer’s Report is accepted. PASSED 10-0 The number of players on the Kindergarten team was discussed and adjusted as follows: ACFI 0402-15 (W. Wharton): Change the Kindergarten team for the State Pre High from five players to four players. PASSED 9-0-1 (Kamp abstained) Promotion and expenses were discussed. It was suggested that ACFI be given fifty cents per player from regional qualifiers, to be earmarked for promotion. This motion was withdrawn. Gary Moore noted that the Webmaster does incur expenses. He will itemize those expenses and submit them to the Board. Robby Adamson recommended that $400 be given to the Denker qualifier. He asked that this item be placed on the agenda of the next ACFI Board meeting. A discussion was held about the desirability of combining the Denker qualifier with the Pre-High or Grade in order to attract more possible organizers to bid on the Denker, which, due to its low turnout, would not be profitable without sponsorship. The sense of the Board was not to combine them at this time. No motion was introduced. The next item on the agenda concerned the Chess Emporium and its Regional Qualifiers. A number of problems were brought to the attention of the Board prior to the meeting. Among them were: 1.Despite having been informed that the Governor's Cup was not an authorized state championship, the Chess Emporium promoted the Governor's Cup as a state championship and the qualifiers for it as Governor's Cup State Championship qualifiers. While there is no conflict calling an event the "Governor's Cup Championship", calling it a "state" championship is a problem. 2.The Chess Emporium used the same events as qualifiers for both the Governor's Cup and the Pre-High, but had different requirements than were in place for qualifiers for the Pre-High, even after being reminded of the requirements. While the practice appeared to be that they would allow 2.5 points to qualify for the Governor's Cup and 3 for the Pre-High (which is what was required), parents were apparently led to believe that they could qualify for the "state championship" with 2.5 points. This created tense feelings on the part of some parents. 3.President Will Wharton met with Scott Freneaux to discuss these points. He was told in effect that the Chess Emporium considers its own event the true state championship and does not recognize or intend to function under the authority of the ACFI. The Board consensus was that the Chess Emporium tournaments are not being run within the ACFI system and that the organizer has not followed ACFI guidelines with regard to his tournaments. The question became what to do about it. It is not an easy question. The Chess Emporium has done a great service to scholastic chess through its programs and that must be recognized. More can be accomplished by working together for the benefit of the kids. While the ACFI has the authority to request that USCF not rate events that are promoted in a misleading manner or purport to be something that they are not, this would cause problems for people who played in good faith on the assumption that the events were to be rated. ACFI could ask that USCF not accept TLAs for such events, but chess promotion would be hurt. Certainly ACFI would not certify any state championship claims arising from events that purport to carry state titles not approved by ACFI. It was pointed out that after the Governor's Cup combined with the Peoria HS tournament, any negative action toward the Governor's Cup also reflects negatively on the Peoria HS tournament, where its organizer, George Anagnost, is caught in the middle. In view of the fact that these problems were addressed without resolution in a meeting between Scott Freneaux and Will Wharton, and in view of the fact that there will be at least two other bids for the 2003 Arizona Pre-High, one possible course of action would be to not accept a Chess Emporium bid for the 2003 Arizona Pre-High. Spencer Lower moved that such action be taken. ACFI 0402-16 (Lower): The 2003 Arizona Pre High shall not be awarded to the Chess Emporium. PASSED 10-0 Spencer Lower then suggested that no regionals be awarded to the Chess Emporium for the State Pre High in the 2003 cycle. Myron Lieberman asked that the motion be modified as follows: “unless the Chess Emporium agrees in advance to follow ACFI regulations at the time the bid is accepted”. Spencer Lower did not accept this change. It was noted that whatever this Board can do it can reconsider at a later time, and if the Chess Emporium shows a willingness to conform to ACFI requirements any such motion can be reconsidered. ACFI 0402-17 (Lower): No regionals shall be awarded to the Chess Emporium for the State Pre High in 2003. PASSED 5-2-2 (Shirley Cox was not present) (Schneider, Adamson, Kamp, Lower, Moore in favor; Lieberman, Reading opposed; W. Wharton, G. Wharton abstained, Cox not present) The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 PM. Arizona Chess Federation, Incorporated c/o Jennifer Shacter, Treasurer 8750 East Bear Place Tucson, AZ 85749-9158 Financial Statement: January 1, 2002 - April 5, 2002 Explanation Income Expense­­ Balance Forward (January 1, 2002) $ 1438.38 Arizona Chess Central $ 15.00 1/5/02 Donation Southern Arizona Chess Association (SACA) $ 571.50 1/9/02 381 players @ $1.50/player re: AZ School Grade Championships Arizona Chess Central $ 30.00 1/30/02 20 players @ $1.50/player re: AZ State High School Championship/Denker Qualifier ASU Chess Club $ 33.00 2/8/02 22 players @ $1.50/player re: Bughouse State Championship Myron Lieberman $ 38.00 3/25/02 ck. #1112 re: 12 Month P.O. Box Rental Arizona Corporation Commission $ 10.00 4/4/02 ck. #1113 re: Annual Filing Fee ______________________________________________________________________________________ Income/Expense Totals $ 2087.88 $ 48.00 Current Checking Account Balance = $ 2039.88 Respectfully submitted by Jennifer K. Shacter, ACFI Treasurer

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