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Minutes of the January, 2002, ACFI Board Meeting

MINUTES OF THE JANUARY 5, 2002, MEETING OF THE ACFI BOARD The meeting was called to order by President Will Wharton at 7 PM on January 5 at the Inn Suites in Tucson. All Board members were present except Gary Moore, who had indicated previously that he would not be able to attend. Spectators included Julie Bader, Scott Bader, Greg Cromer, Cindy Hawkinson, Kenneth Larsen, Rachel Lieberman, Eric Marmont, Sabrina Marmont, Mark Moore, Laurie Reading, Ricahrd Scott, Gary Stephenson, Shannon Stephenson, Stan Strom, Robert Tanner, John Wright, Jay Thompson, and Jonathan Yount. A question arose regarding the status of a regional qualifier that was originally listed on the pre-high announcement and was later removed. Due to the high level of interest in this issue President Wharton made it the first item on the agenda. Discussion focused on the fact that regionals that were successfully held in the previous year are automatically approved for the following year. Relying on memory it was pointed out that except for Region III an attendance of 100 or more in a regional would be required to qualify it for the following year. All of the regionals on the original list would have met that requirement. A check of the records later showed that the requirement was actually lower. Only 64 attendees would be required. Marty Schneider pointed reported that there will be a Regional Qualifier in Kayenta in early February. Based on the fact that all originally listed regionals were valid Myron Lieberman offered the following motion for the record: 02-01 - Lieberman - All regionals that were successfully held last year are valid for this year as long as the required attendance was met . PASSED 10-0-1 with Gavin Wharton abstaining. A question was raised about the Burk regional, as it had not been approved by the Regional Scholastic Championship Subcommittee (which no longer exists). This was not controversial but the regional still needed ACFI approval. Lee LaFrese moved: 02-02 - LaFrese - Move to approve the Burk Regional Qualifier as a state regional qualifier. PASSED 10-0-1 with Mike Reading abstaining. Discussion continued on qualification for regionals. Approval procedure, scheduling and number per region and per organizer were among the issues considered. Secretary Myron Lieberman read the existing regulations to the Board. They were originally prepared by Lee LaFrese and passed at the ACFI Annual Meeting in August of 2000. Those regulations, updated to reflect the changes in motion 02-03, are appended to these minutes as Appendix A. It was clearly necessary to replace the references to the now nonexistent subcommittees with a new approval procedure. It was generally felt that the Board is now small enough that it could handle approval of regionals directly. Lee LaFrese moved to modify the regulations to reflect this change. The deadline for announcing regionals was also discussed and remains unchanged. 02-03 - LaFrese - Replace "Regional Subcommittee" with "ACFI Board" (in regional qualification rules). PASSED 10-1 with Spencer Lower opposed. Treasurer Jennifer Shacter then presented the Treasurer's Report, which is appended to these minutes as Appendix B. She also pointed out that Robby Adamson is working on getting the necessary documentation for 501c3 status. Robby Adamson was thanked for his work. Myron Lieberman moved to accept the Treasurer's report. 02-04 - Lieberman - Moved, that the Treasurer's Report is accepted with thanks. PASSED 10-0-1 with Jennifer Shacter abstaining. Will Wharton then reported that he was working on a Bylaws revision draft that would soon be sent to the rest of the committee. Next to be considered was the nomination of USCF Delegates and Alternates for the years 2003 and 2004. Nominees for Delegate must agree to plan to attend the USCF Delegate Meetings in 2003 and 2004 at their own expense if elected. The Delegates meetings are held in conjunction with the US Open each year. Nominees for Alternate must agree to be on the ballot, but need to make no further commitment. Unlike the old system, Alternates will receive USCF Annual Reports and Executive Board Newsletters but not political mailings. Alternates will have priority for succession to a Delegate position based on their vote total in the election. ACFI is to provide a list of nominees for USCF Delegate and Alternate for 2003 and 2004 by the end of January. Anyone nominated by ACFI will appear on a ballot sent by USCF to Arizona USCF members who receive "Chess Life". Anyone not nominated by ACFI can submit their own nominating petitions by April 1. The ballot will show which nominees were nominated by the state. Anyone who is not nominated by ACFI and wants details on submitting their own nominating petitions by contacting the ACFI Secretary at ACFI Nominees for Delegate and Alternate must notify the ACFI Secretary of their willingness to serve as soon as possible in order to be included on the ballot. Third party agreements are not acceptable. Anyone not notifying the ACFI Secretary of their willingness to be on the ballot by the time the nominations are submitted to USCF will not be listed as ACFI nominees. Arizona will be entitled to at least 4 Delegates and 15 Alternates unofficially. There is a good possibility that Arizona will get a fifth Delegate. Those nominated at the meeting are listed in Appendix C at the end of these minutes. Secretary Myron Lieberman moved the list. 02-05 - Lieberman - The ACFI nominates the following USCF members (see Appendix C) for Arizona Delegate and Alternate positions subject to their notifying the ACFI Secretary of their acceptance. PASSED 11-0. Discussion then turned to how combined sections should be treated for state individual grade titles. Will Wharton moved that the titles should go to the top individual scores in that grade. Lee LaFrese offered an amendment to eliminate the grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 titles and replace them with a grade 9-12 title. The amendment was not accepted. 02-06 - W. Wharton - In case of combined sections in the state Grade Championship, the state individual title for a grade will be awarded to the player with the highest score among the players in that grade. PASSED 10-0-1 with Marty Schneider abstaining. There was some discussion of how to treat players who are tied with the top score for a grade. Mike Reading suggested that all affected individuals should be co-champions. No vote was taken. A more general discussion and motions regarding tied players arose later in the meeting. The list of state titles was then reviewed. The list was an early attempt to think of all likely state titles that might be offered and its original intent would be to encourage organizers to bid on state tournaments. Since its inception its use shifted to a list of allowable titles rather than a list of available titles. There has been an addition to and a deletion from the list over time. Discussion ensued as to whether particular events should be added to or deleted from the list. During the discussion Myron Lieberman reported that David Small was wanting to run a number of tournaments previously run by the Phoenix Chess Club, which no longer runs tournaments. This includes the Arizona Open, which carries Arizona Open titles. He also wants to run the Arizona Class Championship, which hasn't been held in over 20 years. There was opposition to the Arizona Open and the Arizona Class Championships on the grounds that there are too many state title events, thereby cheapening the value of any of them. Myron Lieberman pointed out that at one point in time, the Arizona Open champion was the only state champion in Arizona and was recognized as the state champion until the Schwartz Memorial, an invitational championship, was instituted. After substantial discussion Myron Lieberman moved the approval of those two events. Robby Adamson asked that the issue be split and each event considered separately. 02-07 - Lieberman - David Small and his organization, Chess Arizona USA, be authorized to run the Arizona Open as a state title tournament. PASSED 7-2-1-1 with Spencer Lower and Will Wharton opposed, Gavin Wharton abstaining, and Shirley Cox not voting. 02-08 - Lieberman - David Small and his organization, Chess Arizona USA, be authorized to run the Arizona Class Championships as a state title tournament. PASSED 9-2 with Robby Adamson and Gavin Wharton opposed. Discussion continued on the events on the list. Lee LaFrese moved to combine the grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 team championships into a High School Grade Championship. After that failed he moved to eliminate those grade championships. 02-09 - LaFrese - Combine the grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 team championships into a High School Team Championship. FAILED 5-5-1 with Shirley Cox, Steven Kamp, Lee LaFrese, Marty Schneider, and Jennifer Shacter in favor, Robby Adamson, Spencer Lower, Michael Reading, Gavin Wharton, and Will Wharton opposed, and Myron Lieberman abstaining. 02-10 - Lower - Eliminate the grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 team championships. FAILED 2-3-6 with Robby Adamson and Spencer Lower in favor, Lee LaFrese, Myron Lieberman, and Marty Schneider opposed, and all others abstaining. Robby Adamson then moved to eliminate the Girls' Championship. It was noted that the Girl's championship was not the same as the Women's championship. It was a special scholastic event that was run in the past by Jeff Pichotta, who is no longer running state events and there have been no other bidders. During the discussion Secretary Myron Lieberman moved a substitute that would eliminate the list as a list of approved tournaments and return it to its original purpose of a guideline for organizers. 02-11 - Lieberman - Eliminate the list of state title events as a list of authorized events and consider bids for state title events on their own merit. The list can be used as a guideline. PASSED 11-0. Note: It is not clear whether the substitute was ever accepted but the unanimity of the final vote makes that question moot. Myron Lieberman provided copies of SACA's magazine, the "SACA Piece", to the Board and indicated that its Editor, Denis Barry, was interested in knowing whether or not ACFI was interested in having him approach the SACA Board about making the publication the state publication. Discussion followed. It was the sense of the Board that the magazine was excellent, but that it would not be practical to make it the state publication. The SACA members who participated in the discussion also doubted that SACA would be enthusiastic about it. It was the sense of the Board that Denis Barry should be asked about his willingness to produce a special statewide yearbook on an annual basis. No motion was needed. Note: This information has been conveyed to Denis Barry. Qualification of Kindergartners for the state Pre-High Championship was then discussed. Robby Adamson moved requirements for activity and performance. When that motion failed, Gavin Wharton moved performance requirements for Kindergartners to compete in other sections. Mike Reading suggested that a Kindergartner who qualifies for K-3 must play K-3. No vote was taken. 02-12 - Adamson - In order to qualify for a Kindergarten section at the state Pre-High a player must play at least 4 games at a regional. A Kindergartner must win at least 3 of 5 games to qualify for the K-3 section. FAILED 4-5-2 with Robby Adamson, Shirley Cox, Jennifer Shacter, and Mike Reading in favor; Steven Kamp, Lee LaFrese, Marty Schneider, Gavin Wharton, and Will Wharton opposed; and Myron Lieberman and Spencer Lower abstaining. 02-13 - Gavin Wharton - For a Kindergartner to qualify for any section other than Kindergarten, he or she must score at least 3 points out of 5. PASSED 9-2 with Spencer Lower and Marty Schneider opposed. Discussion of tied players in scholastic events was resumed. Robby Adamson moved for a playoff. Lee LaFrese left the meeting at 9 PM. 02-14 - Robby Adamson - In any state scholastic championship where players are tied with perfect scores, a playoff will determine the State Champion. PASSED 5-4-1 with Robby Adamson, Myron Lieberman, Marty Schneider, Jennifer Shacter, and Will Wharton in favor; Shirley Cox, Spencer Lower, Michael Reading, and Gavin Wharton opposed, and Steven Kamp abstaining. Robby Adamson then moved a clarification of the requirements to qualify for the Kindergarten section. The net effect would be that a Kindergartner could qualify for the Kindergarten section by either playing at least four games in the qualifier or by scoring at least 3 points in the qualifier. Motion 02-13 still holds, so a Kindergartner could only qualify for a higher section by scoring at least 3 points in the qualifier. 02-15 - Robby Adamson - In order to qualify for the Kindergarten section a player must play four games or score 3 or more points in the qualifier. PASSED 7-3 with Spencer Lower, Marty Schneider, and Gavin Wharton opposed. President Will Wharton then moved adjournment with the next meeting date and location to be determined by e-mail. Please note: Comments to date have suggested a meeting at the pre-high in Flagstaff and Gary Moore has offered a location for an earlier meeting in Payson. 02-16 - Will Wharton - Adjournment APPENDIX A - Rules for Regional Qualifiers passed by motion 0800-17 in August, 2000 as modified by Motion 02-03 above. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Regional Qualifiers shall have the following structure a) 5 Rounds using Swiss System pairings or a pre announced comparable alternative. b) Time control of 30 minutes per player per game or more. c) Open to all Arizona residents in Grades K-8. Ninth graders may play if they attend a school which includes 7th, 8th and 9th graders and does not include 10th graders. No organization membership shall be required of participants except for USCF membership if the event is USCF rated. d) Three sections for grades K-3, K-6 and K-9. All three sections are NOT required to be held (organizers discretion). 2) Regional Qualifiers shall be scheduled no earlier than 8 weeks before the State Closed Scholastic Championship and no later than 2 weeks before the start of the State Closed Scholastic Championship. 3) New Regional Qualifiers are to be approved by the ACFI Board. 4) Regional Qualifiers held the previous year are automatically approved for subsequent years unless they failed to draw at least 64 players total or the ACFI Board vote explicitly to not allow the event to be a Regional Qualifier. An event that draws less than 64 players may be continued by a vote of the ACFI Board. 5) A single organizer (individual or organization) may not run more than two Regional Qualifiers per cycle. 6) The Regional Qualifiers must be pre announced in terms of date and location not later than January 1 of the cycle year. For example, for the Spring 2001 State Closed Scholastic Championships, all Regional Qualifiers must be pre announced by January 1st, 2001. Pre announcement may be done simply by emailing the date and location of regional qualifiers to the ACFI Executive Board by the stated deadline. 7) There is no limitation on the number of Regional Qualifiers held in a particular region subject to the other rules listed above. 8) Regional Qualifiers are not required to be USCF rated but are encouraged to be USCF rated. USCF rules will be used for the running of the tournament. Regional Qualifiers may be rated by other organizations at the organizers discretion provided it is pre announced. 9) Cross tables from each Regional Qualifier must be provided to the organizers of the State Closed Scholastic Championship within 10 days of the start of the Scholastic Championship event. This can either be hard copy, email or via a pointer to a web page. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ APPENDIX B - ACFI TREASURER'S REPORT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Arizona Chess Federation, Incorporated Financial Statement: August 26, 2001 – January 4, 2002 Explanation Income Expense­­ Balance Forward (August 26, 2001) $ 3362.53 Robby Adamson $ 31.87 8/26/01 ck. #1107 re: Annual Meeting Refreshments Jim Wilson $ 13.86 8/26/01 ck. #1108 re: Water for Annual Meeting Rachel Lieberman $ 42.00 9/10/01 ck. #1109 re: Post Office Box Rental for 6 months Hansen LightWorks, Inc. $ 1815.99 10/8/01 ck. #1110 re: Newsletter Printing, Postage, & related expenses Jennifer K. Shacter $ 20.43 10/8/01 ck. #1111 re: Annual Meeting Refreshments ______________________________________________________________________________________ Income/Expense Totals $ 3362.53 $ 1924.15 Current Checking Account Balance = $ 1438.38 Respectfully submitted by Jennifer K. Shacter, ACFI Treasurer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- APPENDIX C - ACFI Nominees for Arizona Delegate and Alternate Positions to USCF The following candidates are nominated by ACFI to appear on the 2003-2004 USCF Delegate election ballot subject to their willingness to be placed on the ballot. They must confirm their willingness to the ACFI Secretary no later than January 20 to be placed on the ballot as ACFI nominees. All ACFI nominees will appear on the ballot and be so designated. The top four (or possibly 5) nominees that are willing to serve as Delegate will be so elected. The remaining nominees will be listed in order of final vote count to form an ordered list. The top 15 on that list will be elected as Alternates. Please note that there may or may not be candidates on the ballot that submitted nominating petitions directly to USCF in addition to those submitted by ACFI. Votes will be by mail to an address specified by USCF and the count will take place in July. LIST OF ACFI NOMINEES FOR USCF DELEGATE AND ALTENATE FOR 203 - 2004. Those who have already indicated a willingness to serve as Delegate are noted with a D. If elected, they will be counted on to attend the Delegates' Meetings in 2003 and 2004. Those who have already indicated a willingness to serve as Alternate have no mark. Those who have yet to confirm their nomination with the ACFI Secretary are shown in parentheses. The list below is in alphabetical order for your convenience. Robby Adamson Tom Arn David Bohm Shirley Cox Lyle Engle D Jay Garrison Mark Ginsburg Craig Jones Steven Kamp D Lee Lafrese Spencer Lower D Laurie Reading Michael Reading Marty Schneider Jon Shacter David Small D Robert Tanner D James Todd Gavin Wharton Will Wharton Note: Ed Yetman was nominated but has declined the nomination. Scott Freneaux and Scott Steverson were nominated but have not confirmed their willingness to accept the nomination as of January 15. If they confirm to the ACFI Secretary that they are willing to serve by the time the list is sent they will be added to the list.

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