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Minutes of the November, 2001, ACFI Board Meeting

MINUTES OF THE NOVEMBER 30, 2001, MEETING OF THE ACFI BOARD. The meeting was called to order by President Will Wharton at 7:03 PM at the home of Region I Representative Steven Kamp. Special thanks to Steven and Trina Kamp for their hospitality in hosting the meeting. Present were Will Wharton, Michael Reading, Myron Lieberman, Steven Kamp, and Gavin Wharton (Region I); and Gary Moore, Spencer Lower, and Marty Schneider (Region III). Absent were the four Board Members from Region II (Jennifer Shacter, Robby Adamson, Lee LaFrese, and Shirley Cox). As 2/3 of the Board was present a quorum was confirmed. Please note: If a meeting is held with less than 30 days notice 2/3 is required for a quorum. Only a simple majority is required if 30 days notice or more is given. With a 12 member Board the difference is a single member (7 required for a simple majority, 8 for a 2/3 count). Rachel Lieberman attended and helped record the meeting. Neither the President nor the Secretary received any additional items to add to the suggested points raised by Myron Lieberman, so discussion of those topics, sent to the Board via e-mail earlier, constituted the agenda. Printed copies were distributed to the Board at the meeting. The first item to be considered was the formation of a Bylaws Revision Committee. President Will Wharton noted that he and Myron Lieberman had done some work on the Bylaws prior to the meeting. Will's prototype Bylaws were distributed to the Board by e-mail as were Myron's comments. Will Wharton stated that he would like the final version to get unanimous consent. The work of the committee would be done by e-mail and the proposed Bylaws would be presented to the Board at a physical meeting or online conference for approval. Steven Kamp and Spencer Lower indicated an interest in serving. Myron Lieberman suggested that someone from Region II be included on the committee as well. After discussion the following motion passed 8-0. ACFI 1101-01 - Lieberman - Moved, that ACFI establish a Bylaws Revision Committee consisting of Will Wharton, Myron Lieberman, Steven Kamp, Spencer Lower, and either Robby Adamson or Lee Lafrese be formed. Note: The committee would choose its own chairman. Next to be considered was the name of the Board. Will Wharton had suggested in his prototype Bylaws that the Board simply be called "The Board". Myron Lieberman commented that for most purposes that would be what everyone calls it anyway, but that its first mention in the Bylaws should include a more specific name. After discussion Will Wharton offered the following motion, which passed 8-0. ACFI 1101-02 - W. Wharton The name of the Board will officially be the ACFI governing Board and the Bylaws will refer to it on first mention as "The ACFI Governing Board, hereinafter referred to as The Board." The question of whether or not to continue with Alternates was considered. Steven Kamp offered the following motion, which passed 8-0. ACFI 1101-03 - Kamp - Refer the question of Alternate Board Members to the Bylaws Revision Committee. The next item of discussion was the Tournament Conflict Clearinghouse Committee. The state affiliates are required by USCF to name a Tournament Conflict Clearinghouse (TCC) and a Scholastic Coordinator. The TCC would be the person listed in the USCF rating lists as the contact for tournament information in Arizona. The Scholastic Coordinator is the person to whom USCF would refer questions about scholastics in Arizona. The Tournament Conflict Clearinghouse also maintains the list of Arizona events on the web. The ACFI Bylaws call for a Tournament Conflict Clearinghouse Committee, which could consist of a chairman and, at the chairman's discretion, other members. In the past the chairman was simply the TCC and served no function other than described above. It was decided that there is a need for an active committee within the state to help resolve conflict issues, especially with scholastic events. It was determined that the Chairman of the Clearinghouse Committee should be the Arizona Tournament Conflict Clearinghouse for USCF purposes and that the three regional Scholastic Coordinators be the other members of the Tournament Conflict Clearinghouse Committee. Because the Secretary is the ACFI interface with the USCF it was suggested that the Secretary be the chairman. Marty Schneider moved that the Tournament Conflict Clearinghouse be the Secretary and that the other members be the 3 Regional Scholastic Coordinators. The State Scholastic Coordinator would be chosen from among the three Regional Scholastic Coordinators by the committee and confirmed by the Board. Spencer Lower suggested that committee members should be chosen by name and not by office. Steven Kamp proposed an amendment to list the chair and the members by name. It was accepted as a friendly amendment after which the motion passed 8-0. ACFI 1101-04 - Schneider/Kamp - A Tournament Conflict Clearinghouse Committee be formed as follows: Chairman Myron Lieberman, members Gary Moore, Steven Kamp, and Lee Lafrese. The committee would elect one Scholastic Coordinator to serve as the Arizona State Scholastic Coordinator for USCF. The ACFI Board shall confirm the choice of State Scholastic Coordinator. It was agreed that the state Scholastic Coordinator would be one of the Regional Scholastic Coordinators. Gary Moore indicated that he would prefer not to hold that position. Steven Kamp agreed to contact Lee Lafrese, who did not attend the meeting, and they would determine which of them would be the state Scholastic Coordinator. No motion was required. The next item to be discussed was the adult state championship. Some individual or committee needs to be charged with coordinating the adult state championship. There was considerable uncertainty about its current status. It was noted that the Grand Prix no longer exists and that a new procedure was to be in place for 2002. Secretary Myron Lieberman agreed to distribute the procedure to the Board. The procedure follows: At the August, 2001, meeting of the outgoing ACFI Board of Governors, ratified by the Executive Committee, the following motion was made: ACFI 01-12 (M. Lieberman): The Arizona State Championship shall be a six player Round Robin event. The current state champion and the highest finishing Arizona player in each of the Tucson Open, Phoenix Open, Ye Olde Pueblo Open, Arizona Open, and Rocky Mountain Open, will be seeded into the Arizona State Championship. In case any of the above events are not held or are not structured in their traditional (Weekend Swiss with slow time controls) format, that event will not produce a qualifier for the state championship and will therefore create a vacancy in the field of competition for the state championship. If the highest finishing Arizona player in a tournament has already qualified for seeding into the state championship, that tournament will not produce a qualifier (the next highest Arizona player does not qualify) and will create a vacancy. Any vacancies as described above for either reason will be filled by selecting the highest USCF rated player who is willing to play and is not already seeded. PASSED 8-1 (Spencer Lower Opposed). It was felt that it was a good idea for the new Board to review this and other possibilities before the system was implemented. It was noted that Spencer Lower was the only member of the previous Board to oppose the new procedure. Michael Reading requested that the chair of the State Championship Committee lead an e-mail discussion once the procedure approved by the previous Board (see above) is distributed. Will Wharton moved that Spencer Lower be named the chair of the State Championship Committee and that he select appropriate members to be submitted to the Board for approval. The motion passed 8-0. ACFI 1101-05 - W. Wharton - Spencer Lower shall be the Chair of the State Championship Committee and he shall select appropriate members to be submitted to the Board for approval. The next subject to be discussed was the disposition of the ACFI copy of "Chess Life" magazine. It is received by the Secretary and, based on the preferences of the previous Board, has been used to help interest newcomers in chess by local distribution to potential new players. Michael Reading proposed that this practice be continued. The motion passed 8-0. ACFI 1101-06 - Reading - The Secretary will continue to receive the ACFI copy of "Chess Life" and delegate how it is to be distributed. The Board expressed appreciation to Marty Schneider, giving him a round of applause for getting the recent newsletter out to all members on time. An extensive discussion then took place regarding online and printed publications. It was the sense of the Board that upgrading and improving the website should be pursued in consideration of the fact that the last newsletter cost over $1800. A Publications Committee needed to be set up but there was uncertainty as to what the function of the committee would be and how it would interface with the webmaster, etc. Please note: The current webmaster is Gary Moore's son Scott. It was determined that its function would be similar to that of an Editorial Board and there was some discussion about whether or not it should be called an Editorial Board instead of a Publications Committee. Concern was expressed about the use of the word "Board" and consequently it was decided to call the committee the Editorial Committee. It seemed clear that the primary thrust was to try to get as much Arizona Chess information on the ACFI website, possibly including an online newsletter where the members could read it online or choose to have it sent via e-mail. Myron Lieberman moved to establish the Editorial Committee to disseminate chess information online and, where practical, in printed form. It passed 8-0. ACFI 1101-07 - Lieberman - Establish an Editorial Committee to disseminate state chess information online and in such other manners as may be appropriate. Michael Reading then moved to make Gavin Wharton and Marty Schneider co-chairs. At first the motion passed without objection but afterward Marty was not comfortable with being a co-chair. A move to reconsider passed without objection after which Will Wharton moved that Gavin Wharton be the chair of the Editorial Committee. It passed without objection. The substance of the final motion was: ACFI 1101-08 - Reading / W. Wharton - Gavin Wharton is named the Chair of the ACFI Editorial Committee. Marty Schneider is to be used as a resource. The content of the website was next to be considered. After discussion Myron Lieberman moved to refer the issue of website content to the Editorial Committee. The motion passed 8-0. ACFI 1101-09 - Lieberman - Refer the recommendations regarding website content (as outlined in the e-mail sent to the Board on 11/16) to the Editorial Committee. Discussion then centered around the tournaments classified as state championships and the use of the state championship designation. It was pointed out that ACFI, as the official governing body for chess in Arizona, determines which events are state championships. It was also pointed out that as USCF's State Affiliate for Arizona, only ACFI can designate a state championship for USCF recognition. It was pointed out that recently a Bughouse tournament was designated by the outgoing Board as a state championship and that Steven Kamp objected to Bughouse events being given that status. It was agreed that there could be no change in status of a tournament that was already given state championship status, but there needs to be a review of what state championships already exist. Myron Lieberman moved that a review of the status of state championship events be put on the agenda for the next meeting. The motion passed 8-0. He also indicated that he would distribute a list of existing state championship events. The list is appended to these minutes. ACFI 1101-10 - Lieberman - A review of the status of all state championship tournaments is to be on the agenda for the next meeting. A straw poll was taken to see how many would be able to attend a physical meeting in Tucson on January 5 after the Arizona School Grade Championship. Five Board members present indicated that they would probably be able to attend. Since the absent Board members were from the Tucson area, it would be likely that they would get the seven Board members needed for a quorum if the meeting was announced 30 days or more in advance. Will Wharton then moved to have a physical meeting of the ACFI Board on January 5, 2002, after the Arizona School Grade Championship. They exact time and place would be specified later. ACFI 1101-11 - W. Wharton - The next physical meeting of the ACFI Board is to be held on January 5, 2002, after the Arizona School Grade Championship, in Tucson. The motion passed 7-1 with Steven Kamp opposed. Secretary Myron Lieberman agreed to get a meeting announcement e-mailed to the Board before December 6. Note: That notice has already been e-mailed. Discussion then took place about the likelihood that the next meeting would allow enough time to review the existing State Championships. It was decided to leave the review of state championships on the agenda, but if it became obvious that it couldn't be discussed then it could always be deferred before or during the meeting. Will Wharton then moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 PM. ACFI 1101-12 - W. Wharton - Move to adjourn. ACFI State Championship Events: The state championships were defined in the March, 1999, meeting after extensive discussion and compromise. These are all possible events and they are acceptable as state championship events whether or not they are held in any given year. The original list was: ACFI 99-11 (Wilson / Peterson): WHEREAS, The ACFI has the exclusive authority, right, privilege, and duty to declare State Champions of USCF-sanctioned chess competition within and for the State of Arizona; and WHEREAS, The ACFI recognizes that there are many distinct categories and classes of chess competition; and WHEREAS, The ACFI wishes to provide opportunities for achievement to players in as many distinct categories and classes of chess competition as possible; THEREFORE RESOLVED, That each year the ACFI may confer State Champion titles including, but not limited to: Arizona Closed State Champion Arizona Open State Champion Arizona Expert Class Champion Arizona A Class Champion Arizona B Class Champion Arizona C Class Champion Arizona D Class Champion Arizona E Class Champion Arizona Women’s Champion Arizona Action Champion Arizona Quick Chess Champion Arizona Blitz Champion Arizona Amateur Champion Arizona Amateur Team Champions Arizona Junior Champion Arizona Primary Champion Arizona Primary Team Champions Arizona Elementary Champion Arizona Elementary Team Champions Arizona Junior High Champion Arizona Junior High Team Champions Arizona High School Champion Arizona High School Team Champions Arizona Kindergarten Champion Arizona First Grade Champion Arizona Second Grade Champion Arizona Third Grade Champion Arizona Fourth Grade Champion Arizona Fifth Grade Champion Arizona Sixth Grade Champion Arizona Seventh Grade Champion Arizona Eighth Grade Champion Arizona Ninth Grade Champion Arizona Tenth Grade Champion Arizona Eleventh Grade Champion Arizona Twelfth Grade Champion Arizona Kindergarten Team Champion Arizona First Grade Team Champion Arizona Second Grade Team Champion Arizona Third Grade Team Champion Arizona Fourth Grade Team Champion Arizona Fifth Grade Team Champion Arizona Sixth Grade Team Champion Arizona Seventh Grade Team Champion Arizona Eighth Grade Team Champion Arizona Ninth Grade Team Champion Arizona Tenth Grade Team Champion Arizona Eleventh Grade Team Champion Arizona Twelfth Grade Team Champion Arizona Girls’ Champion Arizona Girls’ Kindergarten Champion Arizona Girls’ First Grade Champion Arizona Girls’ Second Grade Champion Arizona Girls’ Third Grade Champion Arizona Girls’ Fourth Grade Champion Arizona Girls’ Fifth Grade Champion Arizona Girls’ Sixth Grade Champion Arizona Girls’ Junior High Champion Arizona Girls’ Primary Team Champions Arizona Girls’ Elementary Team Champions Arizona Girls’ Junior High Team Champions Arizona Girls’ High School Team Champions Arizona Open State Scholastic Junior High Champion Arizona Open State Scholastic Junior High Team Champions Arizona Open State Scholastic Elementary Champion Arizona Open State Scholastic Elementary Team Champions Arizona Open State Scholastic Primary Champion Arizona Open State Scholastic Primary Team Champions Arizona Open State Scholastic Kindergarten Champion Arizona Open State Scholastic Kindergarten Team Champions PASSED AS AMENDED Subsequently the Arizona Bughouse championship was recognized as a state championship event to be added to the list. Also, the inclusion of open scholastic championships generated some controversy and the open scholastic championships were removed from the authorized list.

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