The Arizona Chess Federation, Inc. 

Minutes of the August, 2001, ACFI Annual Meeting

Minutes of the 08/26/01 Annual Meeting By Rachel Lieberman, ACFI Secretary The annual meeting of the Board of Governors of the Arizona Chess Federation, Inc., was held on Sunday, August 26, 2001, at 12:00 noon in Tucson, Arizona. Special thanks go to President Robby Adamson for hosting the meeting at his law office. President Adamson called the meeting to order at 12:07 PM. Secretary Rachel Lieberman called the roll. The following Governors attended the meeting: Robby Adamson, Shirley Cox, David Fletcher, Myron Lieberman, Rachel Lieberman, Spencer Lower, Marty Schneider, Jennifer Shacter, and Jim Wilson. It was determined that, although a quorum was not present, the entire Executive Board was present. Therefore, the Executive Board could meet afterwards to act on the recommendations of the BOG. Immediate Past President Myron Lieberman proposed the following: ACFI 01-01 (M. Lieberman): The ACFI Executive Board is asked meet immediately after the ACFI Annual Meeting to ratify or implement any actions recommended by the Board of Governors at the ACFI Annual Meeting. PASSED 9-0 The agenda for the ACFI Annual Meeting was discussed. Items include: 1.Treasurer’s Report 2.The Newsletter 3.The Election 4.Fundraising 5.Scholastics/ Bids 6.AZ State Championship Treasurer’s Report Treasurer Jennifer Shacter distributed her report. It was noted with thanks that the $831.10 balance owed to SACA has been paid. Also noted with thanks was the donation by Arizona Chess Central. Tournament fees owed by organizers of state title events have been paid. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arizona Chess Federation, Incorporated c/o Jennifer Shacter, Treasurer 8750 East Bear Place Tucson, AZ 85749-9158 Financial Statement: August 26, 2000 – August 25, 2001 Explanation Income Expense­­ Balance Forward (August 25, 2000) $ 1045.63 Southern Arizona Chess Association Interest-free loan – outstanding balance $ 831.10 Robert Tanner/Gilbert Chess $ 227.00 8/31/00 <190 players @ $1.50/player re: State Open Scholastics Championship (final) Scott Freneaux/Chess Emporium $ 1201.50 11/3/00 801 players @ $1.50/player re: State Scholastic Pre-High/Denker Qualifier Arizona Chess Central $ 25.00 1/18/01 Donation Southern Arizona Chess Association $ 597.00 2/4/01 398 players @ $1.50/player re: AZ School Grade Championships (1/6/01) Arizona Chess Central $ 15.00 2/27/01 Donation re: East Valley Regional Championship (2/10/01) Arizona Chess Central $ 45.00 3/20/01 30 players @ $1.50/player re: Denker Qualifer (3/17/01-3/18/01) Arizona Corporation Commission $ 10.00 4/12/01 ck. #1105 re: Annual filing fee United States Chess Federation (USCF) $ 40.00 4/19/01 ck. #1106 re: Annual Affiliate fee Bank of America Service Charges on Checking $ 50.00 re: $10.00/month service charge (beginning December 2000 through April 2001) Bank of America 6/08/01 Service Charge Reversal $ 50.00 Southern Arizona Chess Association $ 1087.50 6/15/01 725 players @ $1.50/player re: AZ Scholastic Pre-High Championships (3/31/01-4/1/01) ______________________________________________________________________________________ Income/Expense Totals $ 4293.63 $ 931.10 Current Checking Account Balance = $ 3362.53 Respectfully submitted by Jennifer K. Shacter, ACFI Treasurer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Myron Lieberman proposed the following: ACFI 01-02 (M. Lieberman): Move that we accept the Treasurer’s Report, with thanks. PASSED 9-0 There was discussion regarding the fact that additional state title events should be encouraged, particularly adult events, and that any event that confers a state title is subject to a $1.50 per player fee. Possible events that could be held would include the AZ State Class and the AZ Women’s. The Newsletter It was noted that the upcoming newsletter, to be published in September in order to present the Bylaw changes and election candidates to the electors, should also contain information on events open for bidding. Myron Lieberman proposed that a listing of tournaments (both adult and scholastic) with traditional times open for bidding be published. Marty Schneider offered a friendly amendment that dates be included. As that was the intent of the motion it was accepted. The following motion was proposed: ACFI 01-03 (M. Lieberman): ACFI shall publish in its newsletter the tournaments, with their traditional dates (time frames) that are open for bidding, both adult and scholastic. PASSED 9-0 It was noted that the newsletter must contain the proposed bylaw changes, the candidates’ statements, and voting instructions along with the ballot. The intent is for the newsletter to be sent in September to every USCF member in Arizona. Voting shall take place in October, with the ballot count to take place in early November. This was later determined to be on November 4. The Board of Governors agreed that it would be desirable for the following items to also be included in the upcoming newsletter: 1.State calendar of events 2.State title events that have been awarded and those that are open for bid 3.A note announcing the repayment of the SACA loan 4.A note that the full Treasurer’s Report is available from the Treasurer on request 5.Articles announcing upcoming tournaments and events 6.Names and contact information of current Board members and candidates The mailing of the newsletter was discussed. Vice President Jim Wilson proposed that the ACFI get a bulk-mailing permit and look into having a service bulk-mail the newsletter. David Fletcher proposed the following: ACFI 01-04 (Fletcher): ACFI should get a bulk-mailing permit. PASSED 9-0 It was determined that Jennifer Shacter will obtain the permit and that Marty Schneider will arrange for the company to do the mailing. Jim Wilson will assist if the mailing has to be done in Tucson. Robert Tanner has the mailing labels. At this time, Marty Schneider recommended that the newsletter be used as a tool for promotion and that it contain letters from the President and Treasurer. He proposed that the Board of Governors send a letter to Robert Tanner listing items to include in the newsletter. It was determined that this is editorial discretion and that what is needed is feedback on what the committee has accomplished to date. Myron Lieberman proposed the following: ACFI 01-05 (M. Lieberman): The Board of Governors is to be advised by the Publications Committee no later than September 10 regarding the date in September when the newsletter shall be mailed. Discussion followed. It was suggested that the date should be moved forward to September 1 and a contingency plan adopted if the plan is not received on time. Jim Wilson offered a substitute motion. ACFI 01-05 (Wilson): If the Board of Governors does not receive a report from the Publications Committee by September 1 of plans for publication and mailing of the newsletter in September, the Editor of the newsletter shall be Marty Schneider. PASSED 8-0-1 (Schneider abstained) Discussion turned to the Post Office Box to be used for the ballot count. Myron and Rachel Lieberman volunteered use of their Post Office Box. The Board determined that a new box should be secured and maintained as a permanent ACFI PO Box. The cost was estimated at $20 to $40 semi-annually. Jim Wilson proposed the following: ACFI 01-06 (Wilson): The ACFI authorizes Secretary Rachel Lieberman to procure a Post Office Box for the ACFI. PASSED 8-0-1 (R. Lieberman abstained) It was determined that the Secretary, who is responsible for the election, retains the keys to the PO Box. Note: The smallest boxes could not be rented to an organization. The medium size box is the smallest that the Post Office would rent to an organization. PO Box 1059, Tempe, AZ 85280-1059 was rented for ACFI. The cost was $40 for 6 months plus a $2 key deposit. During the six months we will attempt to locate a post office that will allow the rental of a smaller box. The Election The ballot count should be done the first weekend in November. David Fletcher offered the use of his home at 2012 E. Orion in Tempe as a site for the ballot count. Jim Wilson offered the following motion, with final wording by Myron Lieberman: ACFI 01-07 (Wilson): ACFI accepts, with thanks, Dave Fletcher’s offer of his home as a ballot count site. The ballots for the ACFI election shall be counted at 1:00PM on Sunday, November 4, 2001, at 2012 E. Orion in Tempe. PASSED 9-0 Later in the meeting Myron Lieberman read the Bylaw changes and lists of candidates for the upcoming election. It is being mentioned here because it relates to the election topic. He thanked Jennifer Shacter for the work that she has done as Treasurer and her willingness to continue as Treasurer. He thanked Marty Schneider for his willingness to continue as Membership Officer. He also thanked Shirley Cox for her willingness to be a candidate in the upcoming election as well as filling a vacancy on the Board in the current term. All were given a round of applause. Myron Lieberman and the Nomination Committee were thanked and given applause for getting candidates for the election. Fundraising Rachel Lieberman pointed out that ACFI should be able to look for sponsorships and grants but she has found that potential sponsors or contributors often need a copy of the letter from IRS that grants ACFI 501 ( c ) 3 status. She used $5000 annual grants from America West Airlines as an example. Scholastic / Bids The following uncontested bids were approved: ACFI 01-08 (Adamson): The SACA bid for the 2002 Arizona School Grade Championship is approved. PASSED 9-0. ACFI 01-09 (Wilson): Marty Schneider’s bid for the 2002 Arizona Pre-High Championship is approved. PASSED 8-0-1 (Schneider abstained) ACFI 01-10 (Wilson): The Arizona Chess Central bid for the Arizona High School Championship and Denker qualifier is accepted. PASSED 9-0 . ACFI 01-11 (M. Lieberman): The SACA bid for the 2002 Arizona Action Chess Championships (Game 60, Game 30, and Game 15) is approved PASSED 9-0 Robby Adamson pointed out that as a guideline for scholastics, USCF rules are to be followed for any situation not specifically covered by ACFI rules. This did not need a motion. Arizona State Championship Discussion then turned to the Arizona State Championship and how to qualify. Concern was expressed over it not being held in 2001 and that the Grand Prix system was not generating qualifiers. Among the ideas discussed were: Assign the issue to the incoming Board, declare the Arizona Open winner the state champion (if AZ Open is not held, then name the winner of the Olde Pueblo Open, Rocky Mountain Open, or other major event), Grand Prix, and others. There are two problems. The first is finding an organizer willing to hold the state championship if a separate event is desired. The second is how people would qualify. Myron Lieberman offered to organize and direct a state championship tournament in a six player single Round Robin format at no charge. After continued discussion Myron Lieberman offered the following motion. Please note: The precise wording was written after the meeting. ACFI 01-12 (M. Lieberman): The Arizona State Championship shall be a six player Round Robin event. The current state champion and the highest finishing Arizona player in each of the Tucson Open, Phoenix Open, Ye Olde Pueblo Open, Arizona Open, and Rocky Mountain Open, will be seeded into the Arizona State Championship. In case any of the above events are not held or are not structured in their traditional (Weekend Swiss with slow time controls) format, that event will not produce a qualifier for the state championship and will therefore create a vacancy in the field of competition for the state championship. If the highest finishing Arizona player in a tournament has already qualified for seeding into the state championship, that tournament will not produce a qualifier ( the next highest Arizona player does not qualify) and will create a vacancy. Any vacancies as described above for either reason will be filled by selecting the highest USCF rated player who is willing to play and is not already seeded. PASSED 8-1 (Spencer Lower Opposed). Please note: The intent was to have a procedure in place. Suggestions for improved procedures will always be welcome. The question was raised regarding the selection of an alternate player to authorize for the SD Governor’s Cup tournament if Will Wharton, as our state champion, does not want to go. The Governor’s Cup pays $100 toward the transportation of each state’s representative. Jim Wilson offered the following motion: ACFI 01-13 (Jim Wilson): The Arizona State Champion shall be Arizona's representative to South Dakota's Governor's Cup event. If the Arizona State Champion does not want to attend, then the highest USCF-rated Arizona player who can be reached and wants to attend shall be Arizona's representative. PASSED 9-0. ACFI 01-14 (Dave Fletcher): Move to adjourn PASSED 9-0 The Executive Committee met after the Annual Meeting had been adjourned in order to consider what actions, if any, it should take based on the Governors’ recommendations. All six members of the Executive Committee were present. They were Robby Adamson, Myron Lieberman, Rachel Lieberman, Marty Schneider, Jennifer Shacter, and Jim Wilson. Jim Wilson proposed the following motion: EC 01-01 (Jim Wilson): The Executive Board ratifies all actions of the Board of Governors taken during the 2001 Annual Meeting. PASSED 6-0 The Executive Committee meeting then adjourned at 2:10 PM.

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