The Arizona Chess Federation, Inc. 

Proceedings of the August, 2000, ACFI Annual Meeting

PROCEEDINGS OF THE 08/00 ACFI BOARD OF GOVERNORS ANNUAL MEETING By Rachel Lieberman, ACFI Secretary The Board of Governors for the AZ Chess Federation, Inc held its annual meeting on Sunday, August 27, 2000, at Mesquite Junior High School in Gilbert. We are grateful to the guests who attended the meeting and the Gilbert Parents Chess Association for their interest and hospitality. The guests who attended the meeting included, but were not limited to the following: Denis Barry, Doris Barry, John Fitch, Pat Fitch, Cindy Hawkins, Vladimir Schvidky, Gary Stephenson, James Todd, Gavin Wharton, and Will Wharton. President Robby Adamson called the meeting to order at 9:40 AM. The Secretary called the roll. The following Governors were present: REG GOVERNORS PRESENT I DAVID FLETCHER, MATT GUTHRIE (ARRIVED LATE, LEFT EARLY), RICHARD PETERSON (LEFT EARLY), MICHAEL READING, ANN MARIE ROSAS, ROBERT TANNER (ARRIVED LATE) NOTE: ALTERNATE STEVEN KAMP WAS PRESENT AND WAS CERTIFIED TO PARTICIPATE AS A GOVERNOR AS NOT ALL MARICOPA COUNTY GOVERNORS WERE PRESENT II ROBERT GIFFORDS (LEFT EARLY), LEE LAFRESE, KEN LARSEN, , JOHN WRIGHT III SPENCER LOWER, GARY MOORE, MARTY SCHNEIDER OFFICERS ROBBY ADAMSON, MYRON LIEBERMAN, RACHEL LIEBERMAN, JENNIFER SHACTER, JIM WILSON Michael Reading proposed that the Agenda be taken out of order so that the issue of Scholastics would be discussed after some of the other topics. He proposed the following: BOG0800-01 (READING): The Agenda is reordered to put Scholastics at the end, except that the scholastic discussion shall be started by 11:30 if it has not been started already. PASSED STATEWIDE PUBLICATIONS It was noted that this year SASP funds are not available. Discussion centered on the fact that it is necessary to have a statewide newsletter. Several options were discussed including a web-based newsletter, a postcard statewide mailing, and full-page ads in “Chess Life” and “School Mates”. Steven Kamp volunteered to host the ACFI website. Jim Wilson relinquished the task to Steven Kamp and was thanked for his services The timing of the next USCF and BOG elections was also discussed. The following motions were proposed: BOG0800-02 (M. LIEBERMAN): An election of Governors and Officers is to be held no later than November 1, 2001 PASSED (with none opposed and 2 abstentions) (M. LIEBERMAN): Move to consider an online publication. WITHDRAWN BOG0800-03 (LAFRESE): Add to the Agenda after miscellaneous (item 5) the issue of how to handle ACFI mailings. PASSED (with none opposed and 2 abstentions) The formation of a committee to oversee the process was discussed. Jim Wilson and Myron Lieberman proposed the following: (WILSON/ M. LIEBERMAN): A committee is established to facilitate the election according to ACFI bylaws. Steven Kamp shall be the Chair. NOT VOTED ON/ MOTION DIVIDED Following discussion the motion was divided as follows: BOG0800-04 (WILSON/ M. LIEBERMAN): A committee is established to facilitate the production of a newsletter as required by the ACFI bylaws. PASSED BOG0800-05 (WILSON): The committee shall be called the Publications Committee. Robert Tanner is named as Chair. The committee consists of Robert Tanner, Marty Schneider, and others as named. PASSED WITH 3 ABSTENTIONS (Reading, Schneider, Tanner) Please note that President Robby Adamson requested a status report from the Publications Committee by November 1, 2000. TREASURER’S REPORT President Robby Adamson proposed the following: BOG0800-06 (ADAMSON): A copy of the Treasurer’s report shall be included in the minutes. PASSED Secretary’s Note: As of this date, a machine-readable copy of the Treasurer’s Report has not been received. Treasurer Jennifer Shacter discussed the SACA loan and stated that she gave a three-year payoff schedule for the loan to the AZ Corporation Commission. Some Governors felt that the debt should be paid off immediately. Adding to the problem, it was noted that some Organizers have not paid their fees to ACFI for events already held. The following motions were proposed: (KAMP): The SACA loan should come due immediately and SACA should be paid back today. NOT VOTED ON AT THIS TIME Richard Peterson offered the following amendment, which was not accepted by Steven Kamp: (PETERSON): SACA shall be paid from funds generated by the Denker Qualifier and Pre-High. . NOT VOTED ON Lee LaFrese offered the following amendment, which was accepted by Richard Peterson: BOG0800-07 (LAFRESE): When the ACFI has sufficient funds in the account such that they have a $1300 balance left after repayment, SACA will be repaid. PASSED (6 opposed, 1 abstention) Steven Kamp’s motion was voted on at this time: BOG0800-08 (KAMP): The SACA loan should come due immediately and SACA should be paid back today. FAILED (13 opposed, 1abstention) Michael Reading proposed the following: BOG0800-09 (READING): No bids will be accepted from Organizers who are delinquent in past payment to ACFI without sufficient notification to the ACFI Board within the ninety days specified by the bylaws. PASSED (1 opposed, 1 abstention) Following some discussion on how to deal with Organizers who are delinquent on payments owed to ACFI from events already held, the following motions were proposed: BOG0800-10 (READING/ LAFRESE): Upon receipt of written notification a thirty-day time frame is placed on Organizers who are currently delinquent that they are at risk and will not be accepted for bids until they are in compliance. PASSED (1 opposed, 1 abstention) BOG0800-11 (M. LIEBERMAN): If ACFI has not received payment or reconciliation on a USCF rated Championship tournament, the Organizer shall be billed an amount based on the number of players provided in the USCF Rating Report. Such bills shall be sent certified mail and return receipt requested. PASSED (2 opposed, 3 abstention) The following motion was proposed: (LOWER): Moved that options and penalties be discussed for collecting payments from delinquent Organizers. WITHDRAWN Steven Kamp proposed the following: BOG0800-12 (KAMP): ACFI policy is changed to shorten the payment deadline from ninety days to sixty days. FAILED (9 in favor, 9 opposed) A break was called at 11:30 AM. The meeting resumed at 11:39. Immediately following the break, President Robby Adamson expressed appreciation to the Gilbert Parents Chess Association for their outstanding hospitality. The group responded with a round of applause. The President also asked for a moment of silence for Adam Colby, who was killed recently in an automobile accident. It was noted that Adam Colby was a family man who had made many contributions to chess over the years. Adam Colby’s funeral was scheduled for Monday, August 28. The following motion was proposed BOG0800-13 (KAMP): A bouquet of flowers shall be sent to the Colby family. PASSED Please note: Treasurer Jennifer Shacter will ensure that flowers or a plant are sent to the Colby family. The Treasurer’s Report continued with the following motions: BOG0800-14 (LAFRESE/ ADAMSON): The non-financial portion of the meeting shall be extended to include discussions regarding (requirements for) financials. PASSED (with 1 opposed and 1 abstention) Jim Wilson introduced the following requirements for financial reports: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACFI Requirements for Financial Reports on Arizona State Championship Tournaments The tournament financial report shall provide a complete and accurate fiscal record of the event. The report must include projected and actual figures for 1. the number of players, 2. the entry fees, 3. all income and expenses directly related to the tournament. The report must include explanation for any actual figures which markedly differ from the corresponding projections. Income and Expenses shall be itemized at least to the level of detail in the bid accepted for the event. The following Expense categories are suggested: 1.Trophies and awards 2.Publicity (TLA costs, flyers, postage, and other advertising) 3.Site fee 4.Tables, chairs and other equipment 5.Signs 6.Tournament Directors fees 7.Rating fee 8.Celebrity / appearance fees 9.Security 10.ACFI fee 11.Supplies / overhead / miscellaneous --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jim Wilson recommended that the above list of requirements be established as the official ACFI list of requirements for financial reports. It was noted that as ACFI is a 501 ( c ) 3 organization some financial disclosure is necessary. In addition, there is a need to see that the tournament was run as it was bid. BOG0800-15 (WILSON): The list of Requirements for Financial Reports is adopted as ACFI’s List of Requirements for Financial Reports . PASSED (with 3 opposed and 1 abstention) This concluded the Treasurer’s Report. It was determined that items 4 (Arizona State Championship) and 5 (Miscellaneous Issues) should not be discussed at this time. The discussion turned to Scholastics. SCHOLASTICS The following motions were proposed immediately: BOG0800-16 (MOORE): Move to set a time limit of 3:30 to complete the Scholastic discussion and continue with other Agenda items. PASSED (with 3 opposed and 2 abstentions) (READING): Move to break down the time frame so that one item does not take the entire time allotted. WITHDRAWN (TANNER): Move to limit debate to twenty minutes per item. WITHDRAWN At this time, Lee LaFrese read the following statement into the record: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to make the following proposal for ACFI to consider regarding scholastic Regional Qualifiers. Please note that this is a PROPOSAL for discussion. If you don't like something, make a constructive counter-proposal! 1) Regional Qualifiers shall have the following structure a) 5 Rounds using Swiss System pairings or a pre announced comparable alternative. b) Time control of 30 minutes per player per game or more. c) Open to all Arizona residents in Grades K-8. Ninth graders may play if they attend a school which includes 7th, 8th and 9th graders and does not include 10th graders. No organization membership shall be required of participants except for USCF membership if the event is USCF rated. d) Three sections for grades K-3, K-6 and K-9. All three sections are NOT required to be held (organizers discretion). 2) Regional Qualifiers shall be scheduled no earlier than 8 weeks before the State Closed Scholastic Championship and no later than 2 weeks before the start of the State Closed Scholastic Championship. 3) New Regional Qualifiers are to be approved by the regional scholastic subcommittee. 4) Regional Qualifiers held the previous year are automatically approved for subsequent years unless they failed to draw at least 64 players total or the regional scholastic subcommittee vote explicitly to not allow the event to be a Regional Qualifier. An event that draws less than 64 players may be continued by a vote of the regional scholastic subcommittee. 5) A single organizer (individual or organization) may not run more than two Regional Qualifiers per cycle. 6) The Regional Qualifiers must be pre announced in terms of date and location not later than January 1 of the cycle year. For example, for the Spring 2001 State Closed Scholastic Championships, all Regional Qualifiers must be pre announced by January 1st, 2001. Pre announcement may be done simply by emailing the date and location of regional qualifiers to the ACFI Executive Board by the stated deadline. 7) There is no limitation on the number of Regional Qualifiers held in a particular region subject to the other rules listed above. 8) Regional Qualifiers are not required to be USCF rated but are encouraged to be USCF rated. USCF rules will be used for the running of the tournament. Regional Qualifiers may be rated by other organizations at the organizers discretion provided it is pre announced. 9) Cross tables from each Regional Qualifier must be provided to the organizers of the State Closed Scholastic Championship within 10 days of the start of the Scholastic Championship event. This can either be hard copy, email or via a pointer to a web page. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There was some discussion on this policy. There was a request to divide it based on the issues. It was also suggested that a statement be added that the Regional Subcommittee may approve exceptions due to cause. Lee LaFrese asked that his proposal as stated be voted up or down. BOG0800-17 (LAFRESE): The Proposal for scholastic Regional Qualifiers submitted by Lee LaFrese is accepted. PASSED (with 3 opposed and 1 abstention) There was discussion on the format of Regional Qualifiers and the Pre High School Championship. During the discussion, President Robby Adamson briefly turned the Chair over to Vice President Jim Wilson so that he could participate. Richard Peterson proposed a motion stating that the K section of the Pre High School Championship should be expanded to include first graders. Lee LaFrese and Michael Reading proposed amendments accepted by Richard Peterson. The final wording was as follows: BOG0800-18 (LAFRESE, PETERSON, READING): The K section of the Pre High School Championship is expanded to include first graders (when the following conditions are met) 1.No score qualifications are required for K – 1 except that they must have played in a Regional Qualifier. Playing in K – 3 must be score qualified. 2.K – 1-team awards shall be given. 3.This shall be optional to Organizers in 2001 and mandatory beginning in 2002. NOT VOTED ON AT THIS TIME Robert Tanner proposed the following: BOG0800-19 (TANNER): Move to refer the motion to the Scholastic Subcommittee FAILED (2 votes in favor and 1 abstention) This brought Motion BOG0800-18 back to the floor: BOG0800-18 (LAFRESE, PETERSON, READING): The K section of the Pre High School Championship is expanded to include first graders (when the following conditions are met) 1.No score qualifications are required for K – 1 except that they must have played in a Regional Qualifier. Playing in K – 3 must be score qualified. 2.K – 1-team awards shall be given. 3.This shall be optional to Organizers in 2001 and mandatory beginning in 2002. PASSED (4 opposed, 2 abstentions Please note that after the motion was passed Will and Gavin Wharton spoke against the motion. Based on their input, the following motion was then made: BOG0800-20 (LAFRESE): The coaches shall be polled at the Pre High School Coach’s meeting this year. The K – 1 section for 2002 shall be optional. The K – 1 section shall be an item on the Agenda of the Coach’s meeting at the 2001 Pre High School meeting. The sense of the coaches shall be brought back (to the Board) and considered. PASSED (3 opposed, 2 abstentions) At this time, it was determined that the next item discussed would be the Denker Qualifier. It was noted that Steven Kamp has submitted a bid to host the Denker Qualifier and that Richard Peterson has expressed interest. Richard Peterson withdrew his expression of interest in favor of Steven Kamp’s bid. The issue of timing for ACFI State Title Events was discussed. Motion SC00-01 from the Net meeting of June 20, 2000 was read into the record. This motion states that such tournaments shall not be held within six weeks of each other. Steven Kamp proposed the following: BOG0800-21 (KAMP): Open State Scholastic Championship Titles shall be abolished. PASSED (8 opposed) Additional discussion regarding Lee LaFrese’s proposal followed. It was suggested that the minimum participation requirement for holding a Regional be eliminated. Robby Adamson gave the Chair to Jim Wilson to join the discussion. It was noted that there should be a requirement that no one school can hold a Regional limited to its own players. The following motion was proposed: BOG0800-22 (MOORE/LAFRESE): If in the previous year the event had less than 64 participants, the Regional Subcommittee may choose to not allow the event in a later year. The Regional Subcommittee shall notify the Organizer by November 1 of that calendar year. PASSED (unanimous) Qualification requirements were discussed. Robert Giffords proposed the following: (GIFFORDS): The following procedure shall be in effect: 1.Qualify the slot, not the individual. 2.Three out of five qualifies for all children. 3.Qualify the number of slots from all Regionals +1, except if three slots are qualified the school gets +2 slots. 4.No single player can qualify for more than one slot. NOT VOTED ON It was suggested that the current system be maintained until the Scholastic Committee reviews the issue BOG0800-23 (LAFRESE): Move to refer to the Scholastic Committee.. PASSED (5 opposed) BOG0800-24 (TANNER): The Qualification rules must be specified by October 1, 2000. PASSED (unanimous) BOG0800-25 (WILSON): A date of Sunday, September 17 is set at 8:00 PM for the Scholastic Committee to discuss Qualification issues. PASSED (with no objections and 1 abstention) A break was called at 2:27 PM. The meeting was called to order at 2:40 PM. Immediate Past President Myron Lieberman discussed US Chess Live with the group. There is an immediate need for Administrators who are willing to commit at least two hours per week to get involved. Interested persons should contact Myron Lieberman. The next motion was as follows: BOG0800-26 (M. LIEBERMAN): Move that the BOG accept the report of the Scholastic Subcommittee and authorize all motions passed, except motions that have been overturned at this meeting. Those motions overturned are SC00-02, SC00-03, SC00-04, SC00-05, and SC00-06. (Note that SC00-01, SC00-07, SC00-08, and SC00-09 have not been overturned). PASSED (without objection) Club Awards were discussed. It was noted that issuance of Club Awards should be left to the discretion of the Organizer. The following motion was proposed: BOG0800-27 (ADAMSON): Move to refer the issue of Club Awards and what defines a club to the Scholastic Committee. PASSED (with no objections and 2 abstentions) There was some discussion of K – 5 vs. K – 6 Awards. Lee LaFrese read the following proposal into the record for consideration by the BOG: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The following is a proposal for K-5 and K-6 team awards at the State Scholastic Closed Championship. Once again, this is for discussion and if you don't like it, please make a constructive counter proposal. Problem: In recent years we have offered equal team awards (anywhere from 1st to 10th or 1st to 20th) for K-6 and K-5 schools which compete together in the K-6 section of the tournament. Since there are fewer K-5 schools, there are usually less K-5 teams than there are awards! Also, by the time you get down to about 5th place K-5 team you have teams with very low scores winning large trophies. In an effort to making the award commensurate with the level of achievement, I propose the following guidelines be adopted for K-5 and K-6 team awards. 1)There shall be one set of team trophies for the K-6 section. Both K-6 and K-5 teams compete equally for these trophies. A minimum of 15 place trophies shall be awarded. 2) In addition to the place trophies, the top three K-6 and top three K-5 teams will also receive 6 plaques (one for each player plus the coach). This is for recognition of accomplishment within their school category. For example, let’s say that these are final team standings: Welby, 35 points, K-6 => gets 1st place team trophy and 1st place K-6 plaques WCDS, 34.5 points, K-6 => gets 2nd place team trophy and 2nd place K-6 plaques Wastle Will, 33 points, K-5 => gets 3rd place team trophy and 1st place K-5 plaques Wollow Wills, 31 points, K-6 => gets 4th place team trophy and 3rd place K-6 plaques Wamstrong Acadamy, 30 points, K-6 => gets 5th place team trophy and no plaques Wineweaver, 29.5 points, K-5 => gets 6th place team trophy and 2nd place K-5 plaques and so on... 3) To qualify as a K-5 school, the school must not have a 6th grade, even if no 6th graders are playing for the school. 4) It is possible (but very unlikely) that a K-5 school may not win a team place trophy but still win plaques. Lee LaFrese asked that the BOG accept the preceding proposal: BOG0800-28 (LAFRESE): The preceding proposal as submitted by Lee LaFrese is accepted by the BOG. PASSED (with 3 opposed and 2 abstentions) Please note that there was some discussion against the proposal. By way of explanation, Lee LaFrese noted that the number of plaques and trophies can be expanded, and is intended as a minimum rather than a maximum. The next item discussed was bids. The following motion was proposed: BOG0800-29 (FLETCHER): All bids that have been submitted are awarded. PASSED (unanimous) Those persons present who had submitted bids gave brief descriptions of their upcoming events. Please note that this covers the Pre High School, the Denker Qualifier, and the State Grade School Championships. The date of the Denker Qualifier has been changed to the weekend of March 16, 2001. Steven Kamp stated that he would guarantee the winner of the Denker Qualifier a round trip ticket to the Denker Tournament of High School Champions held in August 2001, in conjunction with the US Open. Secretary’s Note: We regret that Jeff Pichotta resigned as Membership Officer and withfrew his expression of interest in having his Girl's Championship be an ACFI sanctioned state title event. Michael Reading introduced the next motion: BOG0800-30 (READING): The issue of state scholastic rotation shall be brought to the Scholastic Subcommittee, and the Scholastic Subcommittee shall come back to the BOG with rotational recommendations. PASSED (unanimous) The next subject to be discussed was the Arizona State Championship. It was noted that the Grand Prix system has not worked due to the fact that Organizers have not submitted Grand Prix results. Any Arizona Organizer who runs a USCF Grand Prix Tournament is considered to have run an Arizona Grand Prix Tournament as well. Due to the fact that there have been no Arizona State Championship bids received to date, the following motion was introduced: BOG0800-31 (TANNER): For this year there is no Schwartz State Championship. FAILED (with 3 in favor) Steven Kamp stated that he would be willing to provide a venue and housing for the State Championship. It was suggested that he be awarded the event. Following some discussion, the following motion was proposed: BOG0800-32 (LAFRESE/ FLETCHER): The ACFI President is authorized to award the State Championship. One hundred dollars shall be given by ACFI if the tournament is awarded. PASSED (with none opposed and 1 abstention) The next issue discussed was the Governor’s Cup in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was noted that the Organizers of the tournament contribute an amount for each state representative to go. The following motion was proposed: BOG0800-33 (LARSEN/ LAFRESE): Will Wharton has the first right of refusal to represent Arizona in the Governor’s Cup. If he has not accepted by September 5, the ACFI President shall name Arizona’s representative. PASSED The issue of Sponsorship was tabled. The next issue discussed was that of increasing the number of Alternate Governors named to a Region. The following motion was proposed: BOG0800-34 (M. LIEBERMAN): Each Region may name as many Alternate Governors as they wish, but they must be provided to the Secretary in an ordered list that indicates the order of succession to fill Governor vacancies. PASSED (with 1 opposed and 1 abstention) Congratulations to Arizona’s new Delegates: Robby Adamson, Ken Larsen, and Lee LaFrese. In the interests of time, M. Lieberman proposed that Item 5d (replacement of Governors for cause, such as lack of participation) should be put on the Agenda of the next BOG meeting: BOG0800-35 (M. LIEBERMAN): Item 5d shall be put on the Agenda of the next BOG meeting. PASSED (with none opposed and 1 abstention) Committees were discussed. It was determined that the preparation for the 2001 election should be a function of the Publications Committee. Other Committees were named as follows: BOG0800-36 (LAFRESE/ M. LIEBERMAN): The Nominations Committee shall consist of Marty Schneider, Robert Tanner, Lee LaFrese, Jim Wilson, Myron Lieberman, and Ann Marie Rosas. PASSED (with none opposed and 2 abstentions) BOG0800-37 (ADAMSON): The Bylaws Committee shall consist of Myron Lieberman, Ken Larsen, Lee LaFrese and Spencer Lower. PASSED (with none opposed and 1 abstention) The meeting was adjourned at 4:07 PM.

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